Sunday, March 11, 2018


with this challenge--
and --
***days stitched this week--7days ahh--6 days
***days stitched this month--7 days (out of 10)
***Total stitching hours this week--5 3/4 hours

so I did get in more than my 30 minutes a day with the average--
that would be 3.5 hours per week--so my hand quilting average is way up--
but if I want to get this months quilt done--I have to do more than 30 minutes a day!!

I was good and did finish unstitching the  9 blocks of the center of this first quilt--
and I then recut them --being more careful to center them--
so they would came out even -
and this is now those blocks--
Here though I noticed that the blocks look like 'X's' instead of 't's'!!!
so I really have 2 different quilts using the same blocks--
and I have plans for the centers of the background blocks (there is 4 of those)

And I have ended up with this collection of fabrics--
Collected from 3 different shops to get the whole line--
can't wait to start on this project-
what about the 2 quilts I planned to do in January and haven't even added one stitch too???
and I haven't done a green block yet either--
Sure hope my allergies will magically be gone when I wake up in the morning--
cause I am still having problems--and it keeps my energy level soooo low!!

So here is hoping we all have a great stitching week --
and lots to show and post about this week!!

                ENJOY, DI


  1. Sorry to hear that your allergies are still playing up. I like that you've got 2 quilts out of one! (Sort of!). Good stitching tally - I'm surte that quilt will be done sooner than you think :-)

  2. Two quilts for one! Way to save the day. I'm glad that you're happier with the results now. And you're doing great on the quilting. That's a lot of quilting to finish for the month. Good Luck!!

  3. I like the way your "bonus" quilt turned out. It's funny because when my energies are low what I usually want to do is hand stitching. I've been feeling off so today I started hand quilting my first wall hanging. I've done chunky stitches with embroidery floss but this is my first time using thread to quilt with. Good thing I like "rustic" lol.

  4. I do like the way you put those squares together! love your bunny quilt too... xx

  5. I hope they are magically gone for you too, darn it. Your "t"/"x" blocks are pretty darn cute as well as your new purchase. I have been ordering little bits online and it feels like Christmas when they are delivered.

    Darling bunny quilt!

  6. You did really well last week, 6 out of 7 days is a great week. Hope your allergies are getting better. My worst time of year is usually April, so I have that to look forward too.


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