Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I got "one" of  the baby quilt tops done today--
I need to know if I should leave it as is??
cause now as is--
is the little fence on each border is facing in--
and looks like a nice frame!!
or on that bottom strip
do I need to turn it around so the animals are not upside down?????
(I am disappointed in how the company I ordered this border print from cut it--
the design went the width of the fabric--so I am thinking when I ordered it--
that I would have 8 rows of designs going 42" across--plenty to work with--)
they cut it so I only had width of 22"--hence the corner blocks--
and I am not crazy about all the 'green' in the prints--so that is why I did
the lattice and the corner stones--and I will probably use a yellow binding on the one!!

And I got a 'little' order in the mail yesterday--
got the Kona color panel--
but now I keep thinking that I heard Kona is no longer making fabric--
so I need to do some checking on this--does any one know about this????
and one of the chicken legs pulls out and becomes a tape measure--
got her to  keep this guy company--
Mr Ducky was lonely!!!
and the charm pack is more civil war era fabrics!!

And now I am really--
this is done--
Finished it this afternoon--
I know there was some times when I wondered if I would ever get it done--
I did!!!
I was also sure that the Spring one would be out by now--
but so far I have not seen it--
but I do still have '2' others in this series to get caught up on!!!
and I still need to find how I am going to  display these????

So what did you do today???
any finishes so far this week???

                    ENJOY, DI


  1. I would leave it as is--I like that they are all facing toward the center....hugs Julierose

  2. I vote for leaving it as it is. They look like they are all looking at the middle. Your cross stitch is awesome. I knew you would finish it.
    I went to work, came home and did laundry. I like your day better.

  3. I would also leave it as is....

  4. I would leave it as it is as well. I like how it frames the center. Congrats on finishing off your cross stitch project. It turned out beautifully!

  5. Well, everyone is in agreement. I don't sew so am not a quilter but I do love quilts and am in awe of folks who make them. It makes sense the way the animals are surrounding the midsection so definitely leave as is.

  6. I'm a little late to the voting but I agree to leave it as is. That way no matter how it is turned it will always be right side up. I think it might look a bit off if you flipped the bottom.

    Your cross stitch project is beautiful.


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