Saturday, April 7, 2018


I really missed making the kite block--
so now that it is a new month --
and a new color--
I got to play again--
and here is bright yellow kite--
that I made yesterday--
then this morning--some gold fabrics
jumped out of the bin unto the table--
so what is one suppose to do--
but make a gold one!!!

And yesterday another Hat block got stitched--
as you can see I did do mine more like the drawing--
than the sample--
these are also addicting!!!
though I haven't gotten any stitched or even started today--
instead I did a bit of counted cross stitching!!

And 'yes' I am still--
The scent they used this month is very very strong--
I did venture out today for mail--
and everyone is complaining that it is too strong this time--
so it is not just me--though it doesn't seem to be making the others have
the breathing problems I am--oh well--
at least I don't get bored being in  'jail'!!!

These guys have been working outside with this 'red' pile
all day--
and the one in the t-shirt has shoveled all of it into the wheel barrows all by himself
all day--it was one of our warmer days too--though we do still have a bit of breeze--
so not really high humidity!!!
Now if it would just rain--and I mean rain--not sprinkle!!!
everything is dying here--even the Palm trees--that is how bad it is right now!!!

Ok--what did you sew this week end??



  1. The kites turned out beautifully! Sorry you are still in jail due to the scent they put out. At least you've been able to play with needle and thread.

  2. So sorry about your stench problem. I find the smell of mulch to be offensive, too, so you're surrounded! Love your kites. WHat size are the blocks? Could I make them in 3" blocks?

  3. I love the kites too and this one really shines! It was nicer here today so we hiked this afternoon. But even though we had a little shower over the's DRY here too! Hugs!

  4. Need to rename my pups. Just isn't the same thing saying that I walked Butthead and Sissy.

  5. I love seeing your kites. It's smart to embroider the tails as you make them so you aren't trying to make a bunch at the end. Your latest hat looks like a little alien dude with shoes lol.

  6. OK, That is funny! I need a dog named 5 miles. Are the kites from your pattern or someone else? I want to make some; they are really cute!

  7. Haha! I need a dog called 5 miles too! and I want to make kites........... we need a kite sewing day, you, me and Alice...xx


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