Tuesday, April 3, 2018


I got the first hat embroidered this afternoon--
First I went through my thread boxes and picked out a handful of threads--
to stitch these in--there is 9 hats in the set--
then I got block 1 done--
I really like how it came out!!!  and my colors--pink and teals!!

And here is a better photo of this months hand quilting challenge--
Shabby Roses--
And the blocks are stitching up hard cause of the thicker batting--
but am moving right along--

And here is some close up photos of the stitching I did on March's challenge--
The Rabbits--

It is still hard to see all the stitching within each block--
but trust me--
it's there!!!!

And as for my spring cleaning--
the bedroom got done yesterday--
and the bathroom was done today--
except for taking the shower curtain down, and the rugs to laundry them--
maybe Thursday or Friday for that job!!!!

Everyone  is busy figuring out their goals for April--
and what and how many projects to do????
Have fun deciding!!



  1. You are moving right along. I forgot about Shabby Roses;I have started that one somewhere.
    Yours looks awesome and so do the bunnies.

  2. I'm probably weird but I actually enjoy Spring Cleaning. So much that I do it again in the Fall when we turn the AC off and open the windows.

    I'm enjoying watching your weekly progress on your hand stitching projects. As I'm being drawn more and more to hand quilting I was wondering how or if you mark your projects? I know you hand baste with thread and chunky stitches but do you ever need to mark your tops for quilting? I was thinking about getting one of those Hera (?) tools for marking but I'm not sure how easily the marks are.

  3. Oooh, I like those Shabby Rose blocks. Very pretty. Congrats on all the hand stitching progress this year. You've been moving right along with all those projects.


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