Thursday, April 26, 2018


This was a fun area to stitch--
am going to work my way up from the bottom--
next section has 2 bunnies in it!!!
And I did get this block finished with embroidery--

Again I focused on this month's 'color of the month' for the colors on this block--
and just call me the Thread Lady--
cause no matter how careful I am when I take photos of my blocks--
there is always at least '1' thread--that shows up in them!!!
Here is the 3 blocks so far for this bom!!
Wonder what next months word will be and what our color will be???
and talking about next month--
Di has to really concentrate on her hand quilting to get her OMG done this month--
there is only 4 more days to finish it--
and just lets say---
she really needs to 'push' it now!!!

                  Enjoy the Sunshine--Di


  1. How clever of you to make a quilt in a day!! Love your yellow block :) xx

  2. Your blocks are looking good!! The quilt is cute. Can't wait to see the bunnies! I cannot believe this month is almost over. I really need May to slow down a bit. PLEASE!!!

  3. Congrats on your quilt finish! How fun (and how very, very tiny). Happy stitching this weekend. Hopefully you'll meet your goal easily.

  4. Beautiful blocks and great fuzzy face photo!

  5. And it's a very cute quilt too. I'm looking forward to seeing some cute bunnies too. The month is almost over and I haven't even started on this month's UFO project.

  6. Great quilt in a day! Hanging sleeve on and ready for a mini quilt show!

  7. Lovely stitching Di.... I love that wee quilt on the line :-) And well done with the Peace stitchery...good idea to use the RSC for colour inspiration! Sigh, I wasn't so good for my OMG this month.....did a little, not much :-(


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