Sunday, April 22, 2018


well--off and on--but we need every drop of rain right now--

I again had problems with the breathing last week--
so spent the end of the week sitting quietly--
and worked on this project--
The ABC's and the words are now all stitched in on the Spring sampler--
and --
I did finish the Hats which I showed you yesterday--
and have started a new stitchery--
and did some hand quilting and knitting--
so I do keep somewhat busy even when I am 'quiet'--

I am scheduled to get the air conditioner taken out and flushed out on Wednesday--
to remove the mold--and though that won't completely stop the 'stuff' in the air that is
causing me problems--it should help make it better for me--so we will see???
I have also bought another air purifying machine--so I am working on it on my end--
but how does one control what 'others' put in the air--or what cleaning products places use to clean with or what they put in air freshener machines in the building--and don't forget living in the south there is the ever present spraying for bugs that goes on!!  ( now I knew before moving down about the spraying for bugs--just did not know about alot of the other stuff--and if you keep adding one chemical on top of another--guess what--you are creating an even 'bigger new chemical reaction'
and we have to breathe it and our skin absorbs it---sooo????)
I never know if to say/explain things on here as to what is going on health wise with me--is welcome-
but even if I give one person -- pauses and thinks --or maybe is to be able understand a family member or friend who might have MCS as I have--then I am thankful--so thanks for reading and listening!!

          Enjoy the weather today--di


  1. Sorry to hear about your breathing problems... that is no fun at all. And yes people don't realize just how many things are in the air we breathe. Hope you feel better this week. Your cross stitch is looking good. I don't know if I'm going to start this one...don't think I'll finish it in time for Spring so I think I'll move ahead to 4th of July/Halloween/ many things to stitch. Take care...hugs!!!

  2. Oh no... and you were getting smoke from fires nearby too. Yes, lots of mold down here too which does not help at all. Hope you have a better day today with the rains clearing the air. I need to change my air filter......

  3. Those are such pretty blocks. All batik applique, it appears. I love that idea.
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  4. Sitting and stitching is good but having to sit and stitch because of too many chemicals is never good. There's some controversy down here with the spraying for mosquitoes. Right now they are only spraying "rich" neighborhoods. We don't live in a gated community so we don't see the mosquito planes flying overhead. We also don't have all those chemicals floating down and getting into our drinking water.

  5. Sorry you've been having breathing problems. Hopefully the rain knocked down the worst of the natural stuff. Hard to do much about the other. Hope feel better soon.

  6. I like the bee block quilt! Lots of neat designs..


  7. Hope they clean out your a/c soon so that you can breathe better again...Glad you are getting some stitching done.. hang in there! xx


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