Thursday, April 5, 2018


Third one is done
I mean
and it has taken me nearly all day to stitch--
Can you see all the stitching???
Lots and lots of tiny stitches--
and I did a satin stitch for the band on the hat--
And I got  the threads picked out for tomorrow's hat--
it doesn't look quite so stitch involved!!!

I was very sad today to learn that one of the Thunderbird planes that played in
the sky here a couple week ends ago--
(remember I took photos of them--)

crashed yesterday while they were practicing for the next air show and the pilot died!!
my prayers and thoughts go out to all who knew him.
and watched him do amazing things with his jet!

                                                          Maj. Stephen Del Bagno

                   SO REMEMBER TO--
                 ENJOY THE MOMENTS
              EACH AND EVERY DAY-


  1. That's so sad. It's so dangerous being a Thunderbird. They fly so close to each other.

    I always think my embroidery projects should take less time than they do lol.

  2. I've never seen the Thunderbirds in a show, but I did get to watch them practice once. They are incredible to see. You are moving right along with those little hats.

  3. Great project !
    I never have seen a Thunderbirds show, sorry to hear one did crashed

  4. Such a tragic loss of a young life but I guess he was doing what he loved.
    Pretty stitching Di.


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