Monday, May 14, 2018


In all the confusion and living at my daughter's for 5 days--
the one thing "stitching wise" that I did keep up with-
was my hearts---
Here is Saturdays--
Like how I centered that heart to get those roses in???

Here is Sunday's

I did stitched alot of the hearts that I did at my daughter's out on her screened porch
after I ate my breakfast out there--and listened to a ton a birds sing-
we used to have lots more birds here by the river when I first moved down here--
but now--just a couple!!!?????

Here is today's--Monday's--
Yep needed me some 'pink' time today--
and here is this past weeks--
And here is the first 14 days of this month so far--
I am having a fun time stitching these each day--
and the timing was perfect for doing these
 and the fact that Mon or Tues last week--
I prepped about 10 more to stitch so that I could just grab them on my way out of the apartment!!

Update--I am finally back home--slept here last night-that was nice--
have worked steady for 2 days cleaning and wiping everything off --
(the air drying machine coated everything in  a fine gritty powder--everything!!!)
Still not done--but hope to finish up tomorrow!!!
Thanks for all the "we are thinking of Di" emails and comments--
much needed and appreciated !!


We have finally gotten a lot of great rain--
and it was very much needed!!


  1. Love the pink heart and the one with the roses.
    I am so glad you are back home and doing well.Hopefully, everything will be back to normal very soon. Take your time cleaning so you won't overdo it. Will all your things be okay when you finish your cleaning? I am sending a big hug your way. Take care.

  2. Hey - that fabric for Sunday's heart is in the charm pack that I'm using for my hearts!! In several different colors. Glad to hear you're back home, and things are slowly getting back to normal.

  3. The green heart with pink flowers is a pretty one.
    Is there still a smell in your apartment?

  4. Glad you are home again... well done for staying on track with the hearts! they are lovely! xx

  5. The hearts are looking great. Glad you were able to take some stitching with you and glad you are now back home. Hope the rest of the clean up goes quickly and you can get back to your routine.

  6. That sure added a lot of extra work for you but I'm glad you're place is ok and you are back home! I love your hearts...couldn't pick a favorite! And the rain has been so nice. Our lawns were really suffering and now they are so pretty and green! Enjoy your day. Hugs!

  7. Glad you are back home. Your hearts are looking great and it is one thing that you don't have to catch up on. Yippee! Try to not wear yourself out cleaning up.

  8. So good to read you are back in your apartment but what a thing to go through...sorry that there is so much cleaning up for you to do after getting home. I hope not too many of your things have been damaged. I guess at least the sprinklers worked and prevented the fire taking hold.

  9. So happy you are back home and settling in. The rain has been wonderful and much needed in Florida... looks like we should get a good bit over the next week. Love the hearts - so pretty.


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