Saturday, May 19, 2018


Did I get done today--
it was just a 'stitchy' kind of day--
first up is my heart report--
Here is Thursday's--
and here is Friday's--
and here is today's--Saturday's--

and here is where I am with the counted cross stitching project-
I was able to get this section finished and get  my robin
sitting on a nest with '3' eggs in it !!
(no you can't see them-but I know they are there!!!)
Felt good to be able to work on this piece this morning--
it has been awhile since I could do that--

and the Second Mermaid is done--
(in fact--hot off the press!!)

I think I will try to darken the crayon coloring on her body--
Ohhh--no she is not done--didn't do the flowers in her hair--darn!!!!)
those poor flowers--first I forgot to color them in--and now I have forgotten to stitch them!!!

So I have 2 out of the 3 done--
and I do have the 3rd one traced and colored in--
but think #4 comes out first part of the week--!!!!

We have been getting some rain every day for about a week now--so finally every thing is greening up nicely around and it is starting to look more like Florida!!!

Ok back to work--



  1. You are being keep very busy stitching your lovely hearts, doing the cross stitch as well as trying to keep up with the Mermaids.

  2. The mermaids are adorable! I would love to hear more about them. Enjoy your day! Hope it doesn't!

  3. We have had way too much rain lately. Your stitching is very pretty. I love those hearts and your cross-stitch is adorable.

  4. Your mermaids are very cute! And your cross-stitch project is very nice also. I should get some of my cross-stitch projects out and finish them up.

  5. What some fun projects. I've thought about doing a heart quilt. There is one in the book 'Tending The Garden' by Blackbird Designs that has caught my eye. Love your sweet cross stitch piece. There's nothing like good lighting and carefully placing a few x's on cloth.

  6. Glad you are getting some stitching in and some much needed rain... I'm ready for it to stop for a little bit though!

  7. Your spring ABC sampler is cute! Love the birds and bunnies!

  8. Hearts and Mermaids? That's a very fun combination. Hope you've been able to keep up with each this week.


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