Thursday, May 10, 2018


I think it is time to show some stitching that I have
gotten done--before the 'water issue' and during it--

First I did get the first Mermaid finished early on Tues morning--
and then when I was on here at lunch time Joy had given us the next one--
and I copied her off--and had planned to trace and color her that afternoon-

And also in the morning I had stitched the heart for the day--
and then late on Wednesday night I stitched one-
the brown one and I did today's this morning out on the screened in porch her at my daughter's
as I am still not back in my apt--
but here is photos of my apartment today--

as I walk into the door and looking towards the bedroom/bathrooms
turning around and looking back at the front door
in my kitchen (there is 4 machines)
just outside the kitchen--
and in the living room area!!
That is 11 machines in there--
that are giving off hot air--
and I noticed today when picking up a few things more--that there is not a fine white dust
on everything--and I mean everything---
Now don't get me wrong here--I am not complaining--
just explaining what is going on and what is happening--
I feel for the other 2 tenants who literally lost nearly everything--
and who may not have a place to live for a couple months as their apts will need to be totally redone
ceiling to floor!!!

I had a neat experience today--
I had signed up for a Balance Class--
where a group of people came in and tested you for Balance--
I would like to say that I passed with flying colors--
I did each test more like this one--
and I did fail them all but one--
and I got one of the best scores they have seen on that one--
there was a  board and about 12 wood dowels to stick in holes in rows--
you where timed as to how fast you could get the pegs in the holes and take them back out!
I told them it was because of all the sewing and knitting I do!!

ENJOY "BALANCING" ALL LIFE'S WONDERFUL                                         ADVENTURES-DI


  1. I bet even after the fans are gone, you will have a dampish type smell. We did with carpet one time after a commode overflowed and would not stop running.

  2. Oh no! I am just checking blogs this morning and read all about the fire. I am so sorry for all the issues you have gone through and will continue to. The damp smell and the water damage... that will not be good for your health. Hope things are cleaned up and the air is better so you can get back home soon.

  3. Oh Di I'm just so sorry to hear about all this. (I went back and ran your previous posts). I grieve for you and for the other neighbors. I once set a dishtowel on the stove and my sister yelled at me. I didn't realize how it could catch fire with the burner off - now I understand. Just enjoy the good parts of the "adventure". Thank the Lord he has protected and provided for you. Oh as for the balance - I'm just now noticing slight problems with mine. We need to take "balance classes"!

  4. Oh boy, all those fans!! I hope you don't have to pay the power bills... and I do hope they get it nice and dry... such a hassle! Hang in there xxx

  5. It certainly helps to have sense of humor about the water situation. Hopefully it all dries out well and you don't have much you have to deal with.


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