Wednesday, May 30, 2018


count so far???
Let us see them for the last 5 days
(wow 5 days since I showed you some--
where did the time go??)
I tried to do only one heart of each print in the charm pack--
and could of made it--but--
then I realized there just wasn't much pink and I wanted more 'pink'
hearts in it--so traced off some more pink ones and have been stitching them--

And I got another baby sweater finished--
can't say it is one of my favorites--
though the colors do look better during the day-
than when, I did knitting on it in the evening!!!

Alot of those around me have gotten rain--
here not so much--
it is so funny the rain down here--a block down the road even--
can get tons of rain every day--
and we get none!!!

and what about the temperatures up north and out west--
HOT--even up north it has been hotter than here in Florida--
by 5-10 degrees--can you believe that????

Well one more day to get all those OMG finished for the month of May--
yep--still working on mine--
but we are down to sewing the binding on now--
so--should be done in time!!!

            OR FALL--DI


  1. I finished my last heart this morning! I made 36 in total. And I LOVE your baby sweater!!! Hope you get rain soon. We've had too much rain. Flooding all around us, even deadly. Our little town has remained safe throughout it all.

  2. That looks like sunny Florida colors in that little sweater...very cute! We had light rain most of the day but it's sunny now before sunset! Hugs!

  3. We are still waiting for our summer heat along the coast in CA. Highs remain in the upper 60s-low 70s.

    I love the baby sweater in those colors and your hearts look wonderful.

  4. We need rain too...
    I like the happy little cardigan.
    Lovely hearts

  5. Lovely collection of hearts...and a bright sweater. You’ve been busy. Xox

  6. I'd be happy to send a slew of rain to you! I think we are over that hurdle now.... it is just the humid and stickiness of normal summer. Love your hearts. I should have a post up later today for the hearts.....


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