Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I have all my hearts done now---
here is the other 5 I needed--

so I now I have joined all the other 'lonely' heart people who got their hearts done-
what shall we do now????

and on top of that finish--
I think I am finished with the mermaids--
here is #4
and here she is with all her friends--
Four lovely lady mermaids just swimmin along--
I think I know how I want to finish them off--
time will tell--

if things ever settle down here--
been a busy 2 days here--
we got these put in yesterday--
new front doors--and they do this--
they just open all by themselves as you get near them--
just like the big store doors do--
and now we can walk in 2-3 wide at a time!!!!

and the new fence out back is up--

it is only 4ft high--the village/county wouldn't let them do a 6ft fence this time!!!
but at least one feels safer when walking the trail now--and hopefully the vegetation  and plants will grow back-- and that should also help--

On the Banking note--
My DD called this afternoon to tell me she had been hit too--with a $49 recurring payment--
and when she looked up the company there was no way to contact them to even see what the company did!!  so she called her bank and they refused the payment and are sending her a new debit card--she figures it was done at one the last 2 places she got gas!!!
SO BE CAREFUL out there with those cards--my friends--think DD is going to go back to cash for gas (this is a huge problem at the gas pumps right now--or go inside to use your debit/credit cards to pay for the gas ( the bank guy told her this is what he does now)--I have no idea where mine got copied--probably an online order!!????)



  1. I thank all my readers and thanks for all the lovely comments--di

  2. Love the mermaids... & it's a real problem with credit card fraud at the moment isn't it...:(

  3. So glad you and your daughter caught those transactions. We've pretty much quit using our debit cards and use just the credit cards these days. Good luck with your OMG this month.

  4. I found the website with the mermaid designs but I haven't figured out how to get them yet! lol But they sure are pretty! Hugs!

  5. Such pretty Mermaids...
    Those doors are just perfect for your building with folk using walkers etc..
    Bank card fraud is so annoying..
    Never had trouble in the old days when we all used cash.....

  6. Well done - you are steaming ahead with your projects......the mermaids are lovely. Those new doors sound ideal. Good luck with your OMG (from your last post).


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