Thursday, June 7, 2018


What does a quilter do when she finishes a project???
 Does she--
**do the happy dance--and/or
***take a nap--
*** decide she has done enough sewing--so quits quilting????

Nope--we always start a new project--
or pick up a wip or ufo--
and we are off and running again--

So to replace my finishes on Tues--
I started these projects on Wed--

First up was the applique hearts--
Will you look at this pile of hearts--
I though that we were only stitching hearts during the month of May--
well--leave it to Di to want to keep it going--
she found this charm pk called Bloomsberry and has about 30 more hearts
all ready to applique!!!

Then cause the mermaids are done--
she needed to start another embroidery project--
so --
got this block going--this was May's block--
so am using pink threads on it--
not sure when we will get June's block??

and I forgot to show you I also finished knitting a baby sweater--
On Tuesday--
so went digging in my leftover yarn drawer for more yarn-
and am doing this one--
I need a trip to hobby lobby for more baby cotton yarn!!!

And I kept forgetting to get a photo of my
counted cross stitching sampler
to show you where I am on that--
and I am nearly done on this--
( I got a bit more stitched on this this afternoon)

And I am working on the hexie quilt top for my OMG challenge
for June each day--
so I have some variety again in my projects--

And yesterday another tenant here and I went to see
the movie "Book Club"  was a good movie--
first time to see a movie in a movie house in a very long time--
we went in the morning and it was just $4.00--!!!




  1. You stay so busy!! Keeps ya out of trouble I reckon..;-) Pretty projects! I want to go see this movie as well. Cousin told me it was super funny!

  2. You're right, by the time I finish a quilt, I either already have another one started, or I have plans for it dancing around in my head, LOL. I am so delighted to hear that you are not letting the Blogger changes stop you from blogging. Like you said, it's a big part of your life, mine too :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Wow! Love your new set of hearts. So fun to keep it going. I'm trying to finish a couple things then need to pack projects for 2.5 weeks away from a machine. I'll be quilting my quilts this month I hope.

  4. I like your new suite of hearts. Looking forward to seeing those blocks come together. Happy stitching this weekend.

  5. Pretty hearts. And I absolutely love your hexie project!!
    Was that film the Guernsey potato peel pie book club?

  6. So glad you got to see the movie! I went with some quilty pals last week, and laughed so much. You are allowed to take a nap from time to time, but there are always a hundred projects to choose from, aren't there? I got my May hearts all sashed and sewed together. Keep on stitching!

  7. LOL ofcourse you needed to sew more Hearts and also play with all your other projects...
    Pleased you went out to the movies'''


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