Tuesday, June 12, 2018


For whatever reason--
I am still in 'heart season'--
Got this heart block done for a bom--
Now if the world in general would all show a bit more kindness--
just think how great that would be!!!
Did this one in pink for last months color--
and I have this months traced off and started--
am doing it in 'aqua/teal/turquoise' colors--

And here is some more of June's daily hearts--
It is still fun each day stitching a heart--
Do you spot the humming birds in the first and third hearts????

This afternoon--
I went out the new back door to try my key--
(some are having a hard time with the old keys working in the new door!!)
and I wanted to see if mine worked and it did--
it was at least '90' here today--but when I got out there--
there was a nice breeze--so I walked around to the front--
and so surprised to find this guy in our little bit of pond that is left--
he is a 'little blue heron'--
they usually fly north for the summer--
but not this one--
I did sit out front and watch him for awhile--
he was having such fun --
I did not have any camera's with me--as I hadn't planned to go outside--
so this is a picture off the internet--
I regret not having a camera with me--
some day I will learn to always have a camera attached to my hip!!!!!!!

I also did some actual sewing on the machine today--
but have a bit of hand work to finish on them before I can take photos and show you all--
what I stitched up!!!

                 IT'S EVERY WHERE--DI


  1. Love seeing all your hearts! And the heron is a bonus. Today is apparently National Sewing Machine Day, so I'm planning to spend the day with mine. I think there's more rain in the forecast.

  2. Sounds like it's hot and steamy there. It's that way here too. Not sure I was ready for full force summer. But it's here. Ready or not. It's been fun seeing all your hearts the last couple of months. Are these applique blocks going in with the set of green and pink hearts from last month? Or are these for a second project?


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