Sunday, June 3, 2018


Welcome to the month of June--
everyone seems happy to see this month--
by the sounds of all the blog posts this time around!!

I did finally decide on my --
I have 2 for this month--
first in the hand work department--
I am taking a month off of hand quilting--
and going to sorta work on an applique project--
these hexie blocks are at least 4 years old--
they have all been stitched together into a top--
but then I have basted that top to a large piece of cloth--
and now I need to applique the outside edges to the cloth--
I got a little bit of is started back in Jan I think--but then it has sat in my sewing basket, ever since!!
This is a large quilt--so it's a longs away around it!!
So think it is time to get it going again--

and I hope to get--
this top with batting and backing and basted --
at least for hand quilting--
and maybe some quilting done on it--time will tell--
I really need to concentrate on doing some actual sewing this month--
have lots of blocks that need to be put into tops--
and oh so many more projects to work on--
like some birthday gifts--

where are those fairies when you need them?????



  1. Do you still take your lunch out by the river? You could take along your applique project and work on it a bit and enjoy the sun.

  2. Nope--our dock is still closed--since Irma--they said they finally have some company planning to come in to fix the bank down there--but still not done!!

  3. Great quilts. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.


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