Friday, October 19, 2018


I had some good news--
and that I was back in full work mode--
but I am not--
Each day is still a huge struggle to get through--
and I just have no energy--
and still in alot of discomfort on the whole right side of my body--
the shingles themselves have pretty much healed up and are about gone--
but the effects of them are still very much still going on--
they now tell me it may be a year before I am truly over them--
I believe that I am also having some serious effects to chemicals here in the building--
and within the apartment--I do have 3 air purifiers running 24/7--but still often can smell wood smoke from the house next doors heating system--and that doesn't help me either--
but nothing can be done about it--soooo--

Soo you know that expression--
about jumping from the frying pan into the fire--
WELL--I didn't just jump into a fire--
I JUMPED into a --
bon-fire--(like there is lots of other problems and concerns here, that are causing me health
issues and mental issues!!!)
along with the cold and dampness--(had forgotten about dampness and how that affects me!!)

I haven't really done any sewing on anything--
did get a bit more done on the Fall cross stitch--but not alot--
have knitted one hat and have another one on the needles--
but doing anything with my right arm/hand seems to cause me more
discomfort on the right side--
even typing on the computer--have had to take breaks to even get this written--

Since moving here at the end of August food has tasted like cardboard-
even the 2 weeks before coming down with the shingles--and now--
finally once in awhile I can fix a meal and actually taste it--so I guess I am getting
better in some ways at least--and I can manage to cook better meals for myself once or
twice a day--so know that is helping me--right???

Thanks to those who have emailed me and asked about me--
I love and appreciate each and every one of you-
with out you, I would not be making it--
enjoy, di


  1. So sorry it's taking so long to get over your case of shingles--it took me forever it seemed --it is a really nasty disease...hope you feel better and get your energy back soon; meanwhile rest a lot.....hugs, Julierose

  2. Definitely not fun. So sorry that recovery has been so slow. Hopefully the recovery will start to speed up soon and you can get back to doing more fun stuff.

  3. Sorry it's taking so long for you to get over your illness Di.
    Take time to rest and recover. Hugs

  4. I hate to hear you've had Shingles. A lot of my family members have had them and they are so painful. I hope you feel much better soon and get your strength back. Take care of yourself sweet friend. I'm praying for you. Hugs, Diane

  5. Nasty illness! I hope you soon feel better. Find some good books and films and take it easy.
    Love from
    Anne Lise

  6. Ugh. DH gets shingles, but usually just in small patches. I can't imagine how awful yours is. Hope you're feeling much better soon.

  7. Sending you lots of hugs and prayers... take it one day at a time and thanks for the update xx

  8. Hugs and prayers you're good as new in no time.

  9. What have you decided about your living situation?

  10. Di - I'm praying for you. I can not believe all this is happening. I do know God has a wonderful plan for you.

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