Monday, November 30, 2009


OH MY--where do I start tonight????

It's beginning to look alittle like Christmas at my house---

I have a nice collection of antique aprons and there is 12 of them that are Christmas ones in the half apron style alone--and three of them have so far found a way to be displayed for the holidays--after they "allowed" me to iron them up nice --they wanted their picture taken--SOOO---

This one is really "vintage" looking--

And this one is sooo cute--do you see what is on this one????

And we have to have Santa on the scene somewhere!!!
and this is how they chose to be displayed--

this is on the bottom half of my Hoosier cabinet--maybe I will do pictures of the top half tomorrow!!!
And then this is my "quilt work" for today--

Remember these from my Christmas in August projects--today I got all three basted to hand quilt this week--hopefully--as I am basting them though I am thinking--
Why did I made three of these?????? and now what am I going to do with THREE of them????  But by the time I got them all basted I had decided on one of them for a gift, one may be a give away here--yep here so be sure to read me every day!!!!


And I forgot to tell you I did get my 'I Spy" blocks in the mail just before turkey day--here is a picture of some--

I just love this pile and I do believe I will do another I spy exchange if I run into one--it is sooo much fun looking at 120 blocks that are all different and wondering how they are all gonna look on a quilt??????   Oh and I got the neatest gift from the Hostess of the exchange and I am using it---will do a picture tomorrow!!!

OH dear I do believe there is a "man" down in that big hole of basement--or once was a basement--he played down there all day---he kept pulling up metal pipes etc ---

This is what it looks like across the street now---another house gone--one more to go!!!!
I have needed to add to this story and kept forgetting--sorry--any ways--where I live is a Senior Housing project and they want to build another big apartment project across the street and that is why these houses are being torn down---also these houses are all in really really bad shape and are really unliveable--(except I guess the rats liked living in their basements--but they are long gone now!!!!)  As to when the new one will go up nobody knows--but it is good that these houses are gone for now--does look much better out there now and it is healthier and safer now with them gone--thanks for all the comments and concerns here.

Hugs, Di--Happy December 1st--you'all

Sunday, November 29, 2009


My Schnibbles for November is all done---yes!!!!  Here it is --

Oh dear--well--here is what I used on the backing--it was "one" of those pieces that you just seem to have to pick up--yet don't have any idea what you will use it on----

I have really loved working on this months quilt--have enjoyed these fresh looking colors!!!
NOW I DID TELL YOU that I had done something different on this one--so let's take a look at that--

I hope your computer shows what I did--instead of regular quilting on all those half square triangles I did 3 lazy daisy embroidery stitches in each one--then I did quilt the basket part and the rectangles etc!!

Here is another block with out the black arrows---I have named this quilt--
*******WILDFLOWER PICNIC*****!!!!!!!

I also got my ornament exchange gift made tonight and the card and it is already to go in the post in the morning!!!

Guess you all are waiting for the "BLUE CHRISTMAS TREE STORY"---of which I do not know yet know, if this story will have a happy ending or not??????

The tree I showed you yesterday belongs to my friend Mary--when she was at the hospital getting a blood transfusion on Tues--her one granddaughter went and got the blue ornaments and decorated the tree for her==so that when Mary got home she walked in and seen it--she has always wanted a blue tree!!!   WELL on Wed when I went down to get her her tea and seen the tree it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT--and there are times this "chick" is in a hurry--and I seen that tree and I just had to go to the store and get me some blue ornaments and blue lights--I did already have the tree--had gotten it on sale 2 years ago or so--got me a ride to store and off we went---I came home with blue items--total $29.59--I am already "crazy" here spending that much on a few blue ornaments--but--I want a tree on the order of Mary's--I had also went up the street to our Country store and picked up a layaway as it was some things for decorating and as I wanted to decorate after turkey day I needed them--well--here is where I realize I am in trouble--on the way home I "realize" that I used the wrong check debit card--my money is in the other one--ok--don't panic, Di, get on the internet and transfer the funds from one account to the other--unfortunately I could not see where is had taken so I did it a second time--still not show up----only the next time I looked to be sure--I had 3--overdrafts at $30.00 each--total $90.00 dollars--so now with trying to keep up with the "jones" I am $129.59 in the hole for blue plastic ornaments--
OUCH---OUCH---OUCH!!!! ( now I did call the bank on Friday--they said they would take off the overdrafts---but bloggers--it;s still on there--and so this story continues.....

Well--it's really late and I am really tired--so I need to put this body to bed--more tomorrow on some of the other "stories"!!!
Hugs, Di
Now if I only looked this "cute" when I sleep?????

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can we "legally" say --

Legally we can now think, talk, sew, and "do" Christmas -- RIGHT????
AT LEAST  "I"  IS!!!!!!

I thought I would ask Santa to help me put the lights on my trees--but when I seen this -- I decided I could do this mess all on my own--didn't need his help for me to get all tangled up in lights and garland!!!!

Got two trees pretty much all decorated--I now just have 3-4 small ones to do--have the Hoosier all done--and a little here and there--but there's lots to do yet--tomorrow--i will have more time and energy tomorrow?????

This is not my tree---BUT--this tree got me into alot of "HOT" water--story tomorrow!!!!

I collect old hankies--and I now have a nice collection of Christmas ones--I did use them yesterday in a display--and as I was ironing them -- I come to believe that this one is the oldest one I have for Christmas--

Here is a closer view--see the little Christmas balls--they are sooo cute!!!!

ARE you full of turkey yet?????

Hugs, Di

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Last of Fall for 2009!!!

I really am ready for some other colors than yellow, orange, burnt red, and brown!!!
but first here is a couple more of my fall quilts--

Two cloth dolls--the Indian doll I made years and years ago--the county doll I made about 11 years ago--

this is one that I had gotten the pattern for 3 or 4 years before I finally did get around and make it--I believe that was 2 years ago and I did two of them and gave one to my friend, Anne!!

This is an original quilt--that I did 2 years ago--

And this one is also my design--we had learned how to make the leaf block in a quilt club class and they had put 4 together to make one large block--but when I got mine done I decided I wanted them to look like they were leaves fallen from a tree--and when you have trees around here you have squirrels--so I have squirrels, too!!!

OH my look at that--smoke--no now wait -- what is that noise???

Could it be---

OH for get the 911 call--it's just the "guys" playing 'wreck the house"--Can you believe the "dust" cloud coming from this place--it really looked like smoke--and it was really thick--and little "ole" me live directly across the street--again!!!!!

Here's another view--

What a dusty job--

this house is now flat and alot of it has been hauled away--we have one more to go the one next door to---it is a larger one--so----?????
It really is interesting to watch how they do it--I was sad though--cause I could see all kinds of boxes and maybe some goodies that were in the attic that nobody went through first--who knows what kind of treasures where "lost' today!!!!

I did get some decorating done today and another load of laundry done--!!!!

Are we all stuffed yet?????? 
Hugs, Di

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Still Fall things!!!

OH dear--I had them get down my fall tote with all the Christmas totes on Wednesday from the top of my closet--because I needed to at least tuck the new things I had gotten in around the other stuff---and OH MY I rediscovered all my fall treasures--

Did all three of these counted cross stitch items--

this is a design I did of my own a few years ago--

I did little quilt in fall scraps two years ago--is all done by hand--

another counted cross stitch I did a while ago, now--

and this quilt--

Is from a class in 2007--a stash buster's class and I did just use from my stash--as it was a fall class I decided to do it in fall colors!!!

there's a few more pictures for tomorrow on fall--then we will really be onto Christmas---
I did do two loads of washing this morning and visited with my friend  Mary--she got a blood transfusion on Tuesday--so she is feeling pretty "perky" today!!!

Then the Church brought us our Thanksgiving dinner--it was really yummy and I ate it all!!!!  I did save the slice of pumpkin pie for mid afternoon and boy did I need it then!!! 

I was cleaning and moving furniture around to make room for the trees!!!!
Finally I got it done and they are up and ready for the decorations tomorrow!!!
My one Thanksgiving tradition has always been to load up my CD player with the christmas albums and I did that too--and that is what I am listening to now!!!!

I even got some quilting in on the Picnic quilt--so far the Plan is on schedule--but tomorrow is another day--so who knows if this train will stay on schedule?????

By the way--I still can't find that "turkey"--are you sure you haven't seen him anywhere????

Hugs, Di