Sunday, February 28, 2010


OH MY--yesterday went soo fast---I thought I had planned an "easy" do-able project for the day----Wrong---but I did get alot of it done and I "did" stitch right up to the stroke of midnight---
I did not make it to my "rocking chair" til 10:30pm==then I did the applique on the rabbit block and like I said I got "her" done at midnight--went to bed-
then this morning when I went down stairs to my friend Mary's for her tea--I took all the blocks with me and laid them out on her floor for us "both" to see at the same time--as I had not seen it all together either?????
Well--there she is--and if this quilt does not spell
"S p r i n g" 
I will eat my "hat"!!!!!

Still have alot of work to do--have to take off the pinned on flowers for now and tact down the rick-rack--then sew the blocks together and decide on borders--then I will have to hand quilt it--Before I can add the flowers and their trims back on it---SOOO!!!

So now we all know what will be going on my Charming Girls/Guys challenge for March????

Think I will spend the rest of day under a quilt--sleeping--only now I need a kitten to help me with that job as I think I have forgotten how to do that---
Has anyone got an extra "kitty" I can borrow????
Hugs, Di

Friday, February 26, 2010



AHHHHHHHHH---are we suppose to be doing something else--while all this other "stuff" is happening???????????????

OK I am up and-----but I am not sure I am with it today--too much "month" before today---if you know what I mean!!!!!

Actually--this is what some of up should be doing today---
Outside--building snowmen---but---instead---DRUM ROLL--please--we are going to do one of our very favorite things----SEW and EAT!!!!

I am back from Mary's--and I have my "stash" all together--
OPPS---wrong picture--though I could use that all chocolate donut right about now???
OK--now this looks a little more like "Di's" stash---of goodies!!!!!
Well--here we go===here is some of my plans so far---
this quilt is going to be all my own design--so who knows what king of "mess"---NO--creative mess--I will create!!!
AND--drum roll please--it is noon and I have ONE block done!!!  Hey I am on a roll here!!!!!

Ok--got me some "fuel"  off to the sewing room--
LOOK what I have gotten done--
First I was worried that I had "planned" this block wrong and I would have to make a smaller quilt--but it turns out they were too big--no problem there--got out one of those special rulers we all collect and squared it up to my 8 1/2 block!!
I need  4 of these---now does this not spell---'SPRING"????
then I needed to figure out how to do the next set of 4 blocks--
Now if you could of seen how I did these--you would probably shake your head--but it worked for me and now I have--
four of these blocks--one more to go--
And this is the center block--see my "chocolate" bunny??????

Now it is break time at 2:30 pm--time a piece of--

Keep sewing the day is young yet!!!!!

What are "you" up to now -- DI??????
Ah--can I answer this question after this---
Nap time for Di----


I am ready to get back to work--after I put on my "fannel nightgown"--I still have some work I want to do on this new creation--and maybe now that all is quite here I can do that!!!!

It sure has been a "fun" day again and I want to say a great big ---
to--Kelly and Joan for hosting this Spring Sew In--even if we all are snow covered--it has been warm inside working on our new spring "outfits"!!!!

And thanks to all who have visited today--I will be around tomorrow checking on finial progresses and some emails----
Hugs, Di


I really did it---here goes---
The last goal for the OPAM--last project--Two Lambs---Meet "Mary" and "Larry"--we are all made now and there will be "NO" little lambs--mom says!!!!

And here is the last goal for Charming Girls Club--to finish the Tisket/Tasket Blocks--

I got the last button trim sewed on at 5:00 pm tonight---Hurry for me!!!  I was worried that I would not get them done today!!!  and finish the Lambs too--But----
And here is my whole year's worth of Tisket/Tasket blocks made into door hangers for my apartment door--I am all set now!!!!

I even got a book finished last night--
this was a good book and an easy read!!!

Hugs, Di

Thursday, February 25, 2010


But for us here in my area--we don't have nearly the snow that they are getting east and south of me---they have said more during the night, though--will see!!!  and they are saying "snow" now through Sunday--so If I go missing--it may mean No power!!!
This truck came today with my Jelly roll for the new club---
This is the box---open it--Di
OK--stop being "funny" we want to see what you bought????
Ah--you are getting closer--but--
Yes--Di--you already told us you got a Jelly roll---
that's a little better---
even better--but we are still guessing---
AH--you didn't---you found a Jelly roll of Rural Jardin---how wonderful---now we can't wait to see your first block---and guess what????  Neither can "Di"!!!!!

You see the one piece of fabric under the roll---that is a yard of "caramel" broadcloth that I got to get the order up for the free shipping amount---but the wonderful part is that that piece was the most perfect color for these guys--
See the faces---I could of not gotten it any better if I had wanted to--infact I thought I had some fabric for the faces--but it was all wrong---and here came this piece--one-half hour before I started these guys---These "guys" have a story to tell you---

I did not get all I had wanted to do done today--yet I did work fairly steady--some times it just takes us longer that we plan--I guess!!!! (plus it takes longer when certain "guys" misbehave!!!!!)

OH here is another "favor" of Kleenex---called "kitten"!!!!!!


I really am excited today--
YES!!!  I got up to this "beautiful" scene out my window today!!!
Ain't it just wonderful????


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Once upon a time--like some time last year--Anne of Bunny Tales designed a bom with a basket in each block--and  March's block had a bunny in it--
Anne loves bunnies---and so does one of her followers--Di!!
So when it came time to do the block and it being a March block--Di decided to do her's in pink--thinking about Spring and Easter being sooo close to St. Patty's day--right??
Di loves "pink" and it is such a pretty Spring color--that she made her's in pink---she got the block done and then put it away till the other blocks were ready.

Now in the mean time "Bunny" got bored in the closet--so as bunnies are of a mind to--she hopped around in the closet and "look" who she found---
a blue boy bunny!!!!  Do you see where this "story" is going?????
And "as" these two bunnies were lonely--they feel in love---and---this is what happened--
We now have 4 baby bunnies and as "Di" did not want them wandering around getting into trouble--she "quickly" stitched them onto the green place mats she was making!!!
Isn't Di  "a"  fast thinker??????
Plus this means she has one more project done on her list---Just 2 more to go!!!

OH NO---they say "we" will finally get some of this "white--cold--wet" stuff tomorrow!!!

That's ok---I went to the store today and stocked up on the important "stuff"---
OH No---I think someone "found" one of my "rolls" pictures from yesterday's post????

I will "keep" the light on--
Hugs, Di