Saturday, November 26, 2011


that--was on the 'bill' for today!!!
I have gotten the middle row--4 blocks of--
this quilt hand quilted so far--
am doing a simple design--so it is going fairly fast!!!

Then I did some house work--
yep--I do do it--now and then!!!!!

Then I baked some cookies--
and just look at the art work on each one---
aren't I gooood!!!!!!!!lol
took these down for the afternoon ladies to enjoy!

While I was baking the cookies--
I got out my Christmas fabrics to sort and see just what I did have this year to work with--
Here is some 'eye' candy for you--

these photo's are close ups of the pile on the bed--
some odds and ends of greens and blues--
the neutrals and reds are in plastic containers on the bed!!
these are border prints for that 60 degree ruler everybody was using last year--
got the ruler and some fabric--but???????
Maybe this year!!!!!

these 2 photos are of a pile of panels I have and want to do --
As I was finding and stacking some fall decorations on the table--I saw--
something "moving" in my wood bowl of pods, and dried items that I had gotten this summer in NH--
so I decided to do some 'detective' work--
and low and behold===
I found me some 'unwanted' bugs crawling around in there--
SO--we took the bowl to the kitchen and emptied it's contains into a plastic bag and tied it up real tight and washed out the bowl good with soap and water--
needless to say==I was surprised--
I had thought that 'stuff' would of been sprayed good or something????
Oh well--I was tired of it anyways--
and now it is "one" less thing to clean around or find a new home for!!!!!!!

And I did do some knitting on a baby sweater late this afternoon--
and now here I am--
sharing some time with all you 'great' and 'wonderful' bloggers--
Hope your day was as fulfilling as mine was!!!
Hugs, Di and that 'cat'!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011


I was working hard here at home and never spent even a thin dime!!!!
Not even on the Internet!!!!!

Last night before I went to bed and then again in the middle night when I was up for awhile--
I got 2 more little mittens knitted up--
these two do fit the wood key chain--
but my favorite is still that little 'blue' one!!!

And --
are you ready--
I got another 'ufo' finished--
this is the new one to go with the new set of wall hangings for outside my apartment door--
I made another one last year--and donated it to the Library--
then I missed it so did one for me--but it did not get hand quilted until this year!!!!

And while I was in the sewing room sewing on the binding for Sunbonnet Sue, here, I also got two other quilts ready to hand quilt--
the first one is one I did a month or so ago--
with one of the new Christmas lines for this year--
I have only 'pinned' it--
will try to quilt it that way--but If I have problems I will baste it and get rid of the pins!!!!

And I got this one 'pinned'--
remember this one--it has taken me two Christmas seasons to do all the work on the top--
lots of hand applique on this one--it may take all month to just do the hand quilting on this one!!!!

Now for some more Turkey news--
these 'Turkeys' grow on you--so be careful--
Here is the pattern--
the main tail feather on the turkey and on the leaf--take a new E.B.'s ruler--
but everything went well with making the blocks--except for the color choices of fabric and that is my problem at times--colors!!
Well remember I did get one all done yesterday--
I kept looking at him and the more I looked at him--
the more I fell in love with him--

so while the threads for the applique pieces where still out--
I did the second one!!!
Still not sure how I want to finish them off--
but--I have decided they will be put away until next year--
and who knows--maybe there will be babies next fall when I get them out!!!!!!!!

And here is how 'wore out' Miss Gracie got today just watching me--
Welllllll--she did chase my 'toes' under the bed where I was pinning the quilt tops and she did follow me from room to room to keep an eye on me--
I mean -- she would not want to miss anything!!!!

Don't forget to get alittle 'extra' rest this week end--
cause from then on it is 'full steam' ahead for the next holiday!!!!!
Hugs, Di and her ball of fur!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


But first I want to say I am thankful for ---
my 'fur' ball---
she does make life interesting sometimes and she does love me!!!!
I am also very thankful for  each and every blogger who reads my blog--

I could 'smell' all those turkeys baking in your ovens today--
and I just had to join in and do one tooooooo!!!!!
See I told ya!!!!
This is suppose to be a table runner by Eleanor Burns--
and I have been wanting to make it for awhile now--
just no time--but this afternoon I made it into the sewing room and built me 'two' turkey blocks--
this one has the applique done on it--the second doesn't yet--
but as I was appliqueing on this block--I got to thinking about doing it as a small wall hanging--
instead--???????  and I could make 2 wall hangings or give the second one away---
Know anyone who would want a turkey block?????

before the 'free' thanksgiving dinner arrived here--
in the Styrofoam container-- !!
I made a mitten--
Yep--it fits my thumb!!!!!
actually it is suppose to fit a wood shaped mitten that is on a key ring--
only this came out even smaller--go figure!!!!
But got lots of yarn and time--
so back to the 'drawing board' I will go!!!!

Well to all of those who are going or have went to Black Friday sales--
be safe--and don't spend all your money in one place!!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Now where did that 'bird' go--
I need to get him in the oven!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, to all--
and safe traveling--
from Di and Miss Gracie

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


First I did get the first 'redwork' angel stocking all stitched--
this was the one that came already 'preprinted' on sticky backed paper--
then you just put it in warm water and the sticky stuff disappeared--
and it did--was great--
but I did panic alittle--
as my red thread turned a dark deep red--
luckily as it dried, it turned back into the right shade of red!!!
Here she is all dried and ironed--!!!!!
and I got the next one traced off that I am doing--
actually I am glad that the second one did not come already done on that "papery stuff"
as it really had toooo much detail in her--
and I was able to not add some of it and make her more 'country' looking to go with this one--
wait until you see her!!!!!

And now a nice Drum roll please!!!!

Look what I finished up today?????
My Gardner's Journal quilt ----
it is all hand quilted and the binding is even all done--
she is ready to be 'cuddled' and loved--
thanks to Chookyblue's whip!!!!!!!!!!!

Have worked on a couple other things--
but no big finishes yet!!!
Yesterday was a 'run around' day--so no sewing got done--
and as for knitting--
did have a class yesterday afternoon (Monday)--
but did alot of unknitting there!!!!!!

Well--tomorrow is the day before the big 'feast' day--
are you all ready?????
Have safe travels if you are traveling--
Hugs, Di and her loving kitty!!!
PS she loves to get my 'goat'!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Tonight I am thankful for--
Ahhh--yes, Miss Gracie, I am thankful for you--
and that you are my 'little' black shadow and that you like to follow me everywhere!!!!!

And I am thankful that another project is allllllllll
took most of today to finish it--
but did do some hand quilting on the Gardner's quilt--
one of these days I can say 'I am thankful' that it is finished!!!
Ahhhhh--No I am not leaving it hang here--
it is for outside my door--!!!!!
Got to share it with others!!!
There is a  series of these banners--
but the next one is a snowman and I decorate with them after Christmas--
so was kinda designing my own in my head--

I remembered that I just might have the right one in the making from last Christmas--
and all I need to do is to hand quilt it--
and I did find it--it is alittle wider--
but perfect--
the only thing right now--not perfect--
is I for got to take a picture of it--
you will have to wait for that!!!!!

Time for me to do some 'celebrating'---
see ya soon!!!!