Friday, March 30, 2012


Tonight I have an 'unveiling' for you!!!
The 'designer' of this quilt started this in 2011--
but you know--'life' took over--and it got buried in the pile with lots of other 'projects'!!!!
and when looking for something else--
out it popped!!!
so the 'designer' set about to finish this design--
and are you ready?????

and here she is--all quilted--
and here is a  close up of the center panel--
which is 'this' designers own works!!!

Now the designer does not want to be 'named' as she is not ready to face all the demands for speeches, workshops and autographs--
she needs to hire a body guard first--
It seems like Kevin Costner is a bit 'tied' up at the moment--
but he promised to consider the 'job' when he can 'spring' free!!!!!!

Do have a great week end everyone!!!!
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I started another Christmas quilt today, maybe!!!!
I know I need another one like I need a 'hole' in my head!!!!
But--I have had this book for a couple years--
And some of the fabrics that are used in this book --
so have been wanting to get something made with it all--
before--before-- I used all the fabric up on other projects!!!
And so I played with the fabrics and looked over all the patterns--
cause I can't remember now just which one I had planned to do????
and I am actually doing the one on the cover here--
and here is the first block--
This block 'weighs' in at 14" square!!!
and if you look you will see that my version will have a 'tad' bit more color!!!
There is 6 blocks like this to do--have 5 more started!!!

And we got our Blessings Basket block #5 today to stitch--
and tomorrow we are suppose to get the finishing directions--
I really have enjoyed getting a little pattern each week and doing it up!!
Miss Gracie is watching me take photos of today's work!!!
She has gotten 'over' being 'mad' at me for trimming her front paw nails!!!
Silly cat!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Well--another Wednesday is here!!!!
and I am happy to say that I remembered--
and --
I found, not one, but two new flowers--
so my garden is blooming and growing--
even if we are having cold cold nights again!!!!

And as I am 'making' up my Christmas sewing days this week--
this is what I finished today--
Got the two Christmas stockings that I stitched here a bit ago all finished and ready to hang---
and I happened across these the other day--
so I finished them--
two Christmas embroidery pillows--again the stitching was done--
but they now have some zippy red rick rack and have backs and are stuffed!!!!
that's 4 project finishes, I can mark off the to do list--
while I had the stuffing out--
I finished up these projects--
one Easter pillow all finished--
four Critter mini pillows are now all done!!!!

It was in the mid 70's here today--
so I was a very good girl and did go out for my mile walk--
but it was windy and that lake was on the rough side--
but still all in all a pretty day-so am glad I went--
tonight it is suppose to get to 38 degrees and tomorrow's high they are saying will only be---
are you ready for this---43 degrees for here in lower NY state--ouch--
but it should be another 'great' day to sew--right!!!!!

Be good and do some stitching tooo!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am a couple days late this month--
we will blame it on last weeks dental appointment!!!!!
I ended up finding a small zip lock bag with some Christmas prints in it and when I pulled them out--
I discovered there was 7 siggy blocks in it from 2009 for a small Christmas challenge--
so I said 'Why not'!!!
and here is what Pink Betty and I created together--
It was fun figuring it all out and what to do with it--
especially with a block with so much pink in it--
but it is cute, now--you know me and my pink!!!!
And Pink Betty and I did have some help off and on--
guess who????

In getting out that first fabric for the lattice work--
look what I read on the label--
What--when did this happen--
scary, really--
and then the fabric had this symbol here and there through it--
But I used it anyways--
and the 'Kitten' print that I fuss cut on the four corners, 
was also from this manufacturer and said the same thing on the savage--
but at least did not ruin the print with a symbol here and there!!!!

It was much cooler here today, but the sun was out, so it fooled you!!!
Well--gotta go for now--
am in the middle of a good book on my Kindle and my Anne brought me about 6 magazines to read--so I am off to find my reading glasses and a kitty to keep my lap warm!!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Monday, March 26, 2012


Hey, who turned down the temperature!!!!!??????
It is suppose to get to about 18 degrees (f) tonight--
there goes all the fruit buds--boooooo!!!!!

But things where warm in here today--
(Just don't go out in the hallways to walk with out a sweater!!!)
and I kept Pink Betty warm by running her a steady pace today--
First we finished the top for this months Schnibbles--
Mine is smaller than the original--
I only used 40-'T' blocks--
and no white borders around each one!!
but did do the same border style--
and I used the Ruby charm packs--
after lunch and another hallway walk--
I tackled those red/pink/white blocks of enders and leaders that I  have been using--
they had gotten too big to use for that project anyways--
so I 'fiddled' with them and came out with these projects--
and I believe I will give this to my Anne tomorrow to finish for a Hospice quilt--
But I also got these 3 items from some of the sewing--
and these are going in to my Hope Chest!!!!!
and I hope someday --by next Valentines day--
I will finish them --one table runner, one small table topper and one really small table topper!!!

And I did decide on a counted cross stitch project and this afternoon I found the colors of threads to go with it--
Also did my morning hand quilting time 
and worked on a small hand stitch project late this afternoon--
anything to keep me busy so I don't think about the weather changing--
I did not care if the days got chiller--I just worry about these really cold temps for at night!!!!

Hugs, Di and her Miss Gracie

Sunday, March 25, 2012



So I have been in the sewing room most of the day--
first I got a counted cross stitch design finished off--
Then I got these four embroideries sewed together--
I did these in blue thread--
this is a Bird Brain pattern and I have wanted to made them for awhile now!!!!
they do need some stuffing yet--
and I know how I want to display them--
so we are on a 'roll' here!!!!

Then as there is large tree right outside the sewing room window and my ironing board is in front of the window--
I had to run out here for the big boy camera--
here is why---
I seen and heard a woodpecker--
But he/she moves around that tree so fast--
but I am excited that I got this good of a picture of him/her!!!!

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on the Schnibbles 'T' quilt top--
I am happy to say that all the 'T' blocks are done and are now all sewed into the center square--
and 'yes' Di did it her way!!!!!
the inner and outter borders are ready--
but Di's tummy was shoutin for me to 'feed' it--
so I quit for today---
but hopefully we will get this top all finished tomorrow and get the cutting area cleaned up--
cause there is more 'projects' just waiting there turn!!!!!
And I forgot I think to tell you that I was a 'big' girl when I went to the dentist on Friday!!!!
I had to get two teeth redone with new fillings--
and I 'braved' it out with out that nasty tasting shots--
so no swollen cheeks for me this time--
and on the way home, my girl friend and I had our first 'tasty freeze' of the season!!!!
Well--that's all blog friends for today--
see ya tomorrow!!!!!
Hugs, Di and----
 Miss Gracie--who is 'bird' watching tooooo!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Ahhhh---Di---why do you need to redo today?????

Oh it wasn't today that I 'redid'--
it was a project--actually two of them!!!!
Why--because I got real tired of hearing this one 'quilt' crying all night--

I just couldn't get much sleep--
so even though I had 3-4 projects on the sewing table that I really wanted to do--
I went and got out the 'frog'--

That's me, what ya need today, Di????
Oh I see--we need to do alittle 'froggin' together on this project--
Ok, let's get busy and take out those large patches and then see what we can do--
so off we started--
took the border all off and then frogged in to the large plain blocks and took them out--
went into the sewing room--
but once I really looked at it, 
I realized that more than one block had gotten sewed in so the names where actually reading upside down--well, lets take them out of there--
and by the time 'we' got done--
I had taken all the blocks apart into the 4 patch sets--
re-straightened them and laid them out again--
and then I had a 'light blub' moment--
and set off to redo the quilt top--
and here she is----
Oh my what a difference!!!!!
So what do you think?????
Do you like the first one or this one better?????????

Then I redid one of the Blessings basket blocks--
I am not happy with how mine are coming out--
there is not the quarter inch along the sides of the block for seams,
so that I won't lose the points when we sew them together--
here is the first one--
It looks like there is in this picture--but there is not enough room--
here is the redo--
There is more now--but on a couple of them it is 'iffy'!!!!
I even remembered that I have a ruler that measures in 1/8th inches--
so used that and we know that my machine is not doing a quilter's 1/4 inch--

Last night I did some drawing of the patterns onto freezer paper for some wool designs and for March and Aprils blocks on Something Wonderful SAL--now to decide which ones to do first!!!!!

Hugs, Di and the wonderful Miss Gracie--