Monday, April 30, 2012


Writer tonight--
must be the last two months caught up with me today!!!
I did get one project all caught up to date--
this is the "pockets" one from Homespun--
I was like 3 weeks behind!!!!
It has been fun working with this line of fabrics for something different!!!
And just so you know how hard I have worked on the 'steps' program--
and do you see what is at the bottom--
Yep---I am still not toooo 'old' to get foil stars on my reports!!!!!!!
But I think I ran out of  'gas' today--cause when I got the 'pockets' project finished--
I crashed--
sat in the rocker and finished reading a book on my Kindle--
then went in and took a nap--think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!!!
but I did do a walk outside today--so that counts for something -right?????

And I did some work on a counted cross stitch project once up from the nap--
and I always do some hand quilting every morning after breakfast--
so--maybe I was a good girl after allllll!!!!!

How did your last day of the month go??????
And do you have any big--big plans for the month of May??????
Hugs, Di and her favorite baby--miss gracie

Sunday, April 29, 2012


brought to you by the number '3'!!!!
but first I need some more Chocolate--
be right back-
Ahhh--this is better--yummmmm!!!!

Back to the number '3'--
had 3 things on the to do list for today--
#1.decorate dry sink
#2.take care of and sort the '3' containers in front of the China cabinet/desk!! lots of steps for the last day of the reporting!!!

#1--a before picture--
this is on the small wall between the kitchen and dinning room--
and is the first thing you pretty much see when you enter the apartment--
now look--
Very country/prim!!!
Nearly everything came from my country shop over town for here--
including the dry sink!!!
(all boughten last year sometime!!!!)

#2. the 3 piles of paper and cards and whatnots in front of the china cabinet
forgot the before photos--
but look here--
floor is clear and clean--
everything was put away or throwed away--
we are not done yet with this project!!!!

#3. was the 'steps' program--
to day I did the most steps yet--12,493 and counting
(not in bed yet!!!)

My average for week #1 was 6,347
and todays average for this last week was--10,854 steps per day!!!!
Now to keep it up--:-)

I lost 6 lbs at least and have really lowered my blood pressure--
to below 120/80 even!!!

these photos are from my walk today!!
So I got my list done for today!!!

And Yesterday--- I also had another 'H' story--
with those bunnies--Hannah and Harrington--
can you believe that 'Di' got us stitched "with in the month" that Mom  gave out the pattern??
Yea--for once, Harrinington said--she did get on the 'stick'!!!
Ah--Harrington--you are still on the right side--???
Ahhh-Miss Hannah--the surprise is on you!!!
You see when walking down the street with a 'lady' the gentlemen is suppose to be on the right--
Ohhhhh--Harrington you think of everything!!!!!
Even getting an umbrella for us that has my favorite on it--
hearts!!!! Thanks Harrington!!!!
Well--tomorrow is another sewing day--
I hope!!! One more day of April and I do have couple more projects I would like to finish!!!
What about you???????
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Saturday, April 28, 2012


This story is about some 'silly' geese and their 'pilot'!!!

When the 'pilot' got out of bed this morning--
she thought--
wait a minute--those 'strips' of geese are longer than 5 inches--
so she popped into the workroom and measured one strip--
sure enough they were over 7 inches long!!!!
Now she is asking herself--how can you cut 5 inch strips from charm blocks, when the 'flock' of geese measures over 7 inches!!!!

So out comes the directions to the Schnibbles pattern--
and this 'stupid' 'silly' pilot, who must hate to read--
discovers that there is only suppose to be '3' geese

 to a flock--not '4'!!!!!!

Soooo--out comes that 'seam' rippin frog--and away we go--
dividing up the flock--you should of hear the 'screeching' that went with it--
but finally the geese settled  down--and we got some work done---

And then 'Sweet' Pink Betty really got  a work out--
and after a few hours of 'sweet' talkin the geese--
we came out of the sewing room with--
some silly flying geese---
and here they are--
only this pilot is still  shaking her head--


these poor stupid geese still don't know which way to fly---

North, South, East or West!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di and---

that Miss Gracie!!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012


And I had really hoped to get this month's Schnibbles top--
all sewed together today--
First we had to 'square' up these goose's!!!
And most of the geese where good birds--
And after some 'wing' clipping and some 'beak' clipping--
we had this nice pile of 'leftovers'--
But we also had a few geese that needed to go back to the 'factory' for some repairs--
But by then the 'noon' whistle blew and it was lunch time--
then a doctor appointment--
and then we did the 'surgery' on these poor uneven geese!!!
and then the  'newly' repaired geese got to go into the flock of geese--
waiting for the next 'flight'!!!
But first this 'pilot' had to work on her 'steps' program--
and as someone seems to have turned down the heat and turned up the wind outside---
we did that 'walking' stuff inside to get our steps for today!!!!

after a refreshing nap--
we were back into the geese flight school--
and today's results are--
some are into a '4' unit flight pattern--
some are into '2' units--waiting to join into 4's--
and some are partnered up for the first test drive!!!!
Soooo-even though this pilot had other plans for tomorrow--
I guess she will have to keep working with the 'geese school'!!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


and it being Wednesday--
the first 'F' word is --Flowers--
Hexie flowers at that--

and Sandra is holding them this week to show you!!!!

The second "F" word is --Finishes--
the first finish is--
 the dolly quilt with the baskets--
we are all hand quilted and the binding is all done!!!!
I am now working on quilting the Sunbonnet Sue quilt!

the second --Finish is--
the counted cross stitch 'wordplay' for March--

the third 'F" is--
for 'found'--
Look at what I found when I was moving furniture around and cleaning on Monday---
first hiding place--
and then a second hiding place for--
none other than this gals toys--
Now, Mom you wouldn't be talking about me--
your very sweet loving, Miss Gracie, now would you???????

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Cause this afternoon found me doing these--
as this box was empty--
needed to fill it so I can make some more of these--
H = Hexie's !!!!!!!
there is alot of cutting to these when you use the freezer paper method!!!!
cause first you have to print off the hexagons and cut them out--
then press them to the fabric and then cut them out--
but I did it--
it was just too damp and chilly to go outside today--
so was a good day for 'cutting' up!!!!!!

And I did get this bom block done--
My Hannah and Harrington block--
had me a hard time with these rabbits this month--
they were having fun running around and around the birdhouse poles--
I finally said--'Simon says to stop' and they did--
but Hannah was on the wrong end--
but she just wiggled her ears at me and said--
"keep me here--I want to keep Harrington guessing as to what I will do next????"
and I am not one to argue with a rabbit!!!!

So this is my 'story' for today--
Hugs, Di and her ball of fire--Miss Gracie