Wednesday, May 30, 2012


And I only 'found' one flower in the garden today!!!
we have some other things to show you as well--
Another hand quilted Sue block--
an Angel--just like me?????????

and here is me saying my prayers!!!!
I mean Sue!!!
Just 5 more blocks to go out of the 20!!!!

We got some more knitting finished--
the 'famous' socks are all done--
Here is the front design and this design is on the leg part on the back side--
and here is the heart design that is on both side panels--
and just sooo you know--
that I did do "2' of them--
Have a new pair already started!!!!

It has been really humid here for days now--
so no sewing--but have managed to keep on working on some kind on project---
and have done the walks every day/night--
so here is some photos for you to enjoy--
This is Daisy--Thelma's kitty--she keeps a good watch over my flower garden down stairs!!!
and I could not resist this photo with her above the tin cat outside the window!!!
This is Rudy--Joe's one dog--it looks like he is sticking his 'tongue' out at me!!!!
and this is Rudy's daughter-Gigi!!! also Joe's dog!!!
And this is last night's sunset here on the lake!!!

Have fun tomorrow doing something you enjoy doing!!!
Hugs, Di and her cutie--Miss Gracie

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Found here at the apartments--
Found at the end of the street--
Found down to the lake--
Found in my garden and the sky makes the blue part!!!!

And remember that--
"some gave all"--
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Saturday, May 26, 2012


to finally be able to stay out of that dark bag--
that my knitter kept shoving me into!!!!
She started me just a year ago--
and it has been one long year let me tell you--
she'd take me out--work on parts of me--
and then she wad me up and stuff me and all my parts back into that dark bag of hers!!!!
and she bring me out again a day or two later,
or it might me a week or two--
or it could even be a couple months, before she would unzip that dark bag and pull me out in parts and work on me some more!!!!!
Then the first of this month--
month of May--
I heard her say--
"I am going to finish you--before I start anything else"!!!!
and today she put the final stitches on me and sewed on my pretty button--
And now I am really 'smiling' cause that means--
I no longer have to stuffed back into that dark bag--
until "Di" got the notion to work on me!!!!!!
Whoop eeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Oh No--there is that 'lady' Di again with her big boy camera--
how can I concentrate on painting you, my beautiful frog girl--
with her snapping pictures all over the place??????

I know my dear--
that lady "Di" thinks her pictures of those flowers are soooo beautiful,
but you are the most beauuutiful flower in all these gardens!!!!!

Have a safe and happy week end--!!!!
Hugs, Di and the frog couple!!!
Oh and yes--you too miss gracie

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Oh my--we had ourselves a bit of "jealousy"
 here today when I went to photograph the Hexie flowers for this week--
First--Miss Chook thought it was her turn to show them off--
 Then she decided that her left side would look better in a photo--
sooo--who am I to argue with a chook--
about this time though--
Miss Gracie starts in -- saying this week was her week--
to smell the flowers and her photo taken with them!!!!
Sooo--I did !!!!
now where were these two when I had to sew them together and kept pricking my finger??????

First thing this morning I had to go downstairs for a team/step walking group picture--
our  captain, Melinda, said she did not care if we came in our pj's--just get there!!!
so I wore my 'mu-mu' and my flannel white night cap and carried a dolly!!!
I got alot of good laughs--but --the real laugh was on me--Melinda would not let me take it off--
so I am in this photo wearing my 'night cap'!!!!
will share that photo when I get to see it???????(maybe!!!!)

Then office Anne took me to a green house for plants for my garden--
and now I have a pretty one--
Once these all get going and the morning glory plants get climbing up the wire trellis--
we will have some really pretty photos!!!
and yes as you can see I did plant all '13' 4-6 packs and 2 pots of morning glories--

Later I did the laundry and then I went out and did my walk and took lots and lots of photos, with the big boy camera--
here's some--
Here is one of Kevin with his 'new service' dog, Norman--
Here is a row of peas growing in the garden--
I have not watched peas grow in years--I just love the vines!!!
Is this bush not just lovely---think it is so different and it is just loaded with these tiny white flowers--

and here is another decorating project--
Top shelf in the dolly cabinet--
I have had that black rack for nearly a year or longer and never could find a home for it--
it is perfect for in there!!!
And the bottom shelf--
I did get more done yesterday--but no photos yet!!!!

Well--I better end this for tonight--
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Monday, May 21, 2012


I know there was a humming bird, drinking when I snapped the photo--
but I don't see her!!!!!!
better luck next time!

And another block is done on Sue--
I love this one with the little red wagon--
I will add black buttons on the wheels of the wagon before I am all done with the quilt!!

And I am still working on the re-decorating--
here is some pictures of that so far--
I see this wall everytime I walk out of the kitchen and it makes me smile--
wonder why????
My collection of little books finally have a home and so does--
-- my Hitty doll--she really likes it here--
and I can see her now when I am sitting in my rocker working--
so I can keep an 'eye' on her!!!! and she makes me smile!!!

Here is the right side of the big white cupboard--
and here is the left side--
and if we put them together we get------
This is a totally different look than I have done before--
I have not displayed the little old hand crocheted dresses in a very long time--
so decided it was time to give them some 'air'!!
and my rabbits had not been out in a while--soooo!!!!

and I got to playing around with PicMonkey today--
and that is so  easy and alot of fun--
so here is one of them
Oh and a pretty kitty named--Miss Gracie!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


For taking some photos--
and a new member--Ms. Hummer!!!!!