Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I was a good girl today and got another quilt totally finished--
I just can't believe that I--
got a Christmas quilt designed, stitched--
hand quilted and the binding sewed on--
a new Christmas fabric line for 2012!!!!!
During 2012 and it only being the last day of July----wow???????

and here is the backing--
and now for a confession---
I have 3 more Christmas quilts that I have the tops made for--
this summer--
to quilt yet--
along with the zillion other quilt tops!!!!!!

OHHH---this means that I have to pick out another one to start hand quilting on tomorrow morning--
hummmmmm--which one will get lucky?????????

Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie

Monday, July 30, 2012


I am here--just stitching and knitting away--
trying to stay cool--
in more ways than one??????

Talk about 'cool' is this not a cool looking ride?????
It goes to a window display--
Believe it or not--
this is one of the windows at my  Country shop--
How do you like these 'pink' tires????
Cool man Cool!!!!!!!

I have had trouble with my picture files and today I had trouble downloading the big boy camera--
finally had to take the 'chip' out of camera and slip it into the computer to download the pictures--
and the booklet with the camera said not to do it that way--but???????????

Here is the other window--
This side is cute too--
but I love the pink one!!!
this month is a big racing month up at the track --
and that is why she has cars in the window!!!

I am sewing--well--mostly hand quilting--
did finish a hand quilting on a quilt today--
and even got the binding on today--
I will have a show and tell tomorrow night!!!
In the meantime--here is some more pictures I took last night in my walk--
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It is Wednesday--
that means flower day--
and I have been into the flowers all day--
first is this one--
Anny wanted to go outside today for her photo shoot!!!!!!

Then I was finally able to get this one off the basting table--
the pink flowered one--it is large and will be 'fun' when it comes time to hand quilt it!!!!
I decided that this green 'ferny' fabric piece is really a neat print!!!

after I got the quilt basted--
I decided to switch 2 piles around--
this is the pile that is either ready to be basted or has been basted--
next to it on the door was hanging the quilt tops that still need batting and backings done--
now on the door is--
all the quilts that are aready for hand quilting--
oh and on the top is some 'wil' ( waiting in line to be finished into tops!!!)
and --
on the table next to the door is now the 'pile' of tops that need to be either basted or need to have batting and backings and basting done!!!!!
I really really do not think I need to make another quilt top for the next 10 years!!!!!
But---I know I willllllllll!!!!!!!

and for outside--
some more great flower photos--
that were fresh just this morning--
my morning glories are going to town!!!!  I just love these--
and here is--
one of the zinnias that I grew from seed----

I also finished this book last night--
It was a really good read---

so what did you do today?????
I even sat outside with some of the other ladies here and enjoyed the breeze and some laughs--
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie--

PS that miss gracie is on medicine again for the same thing she had a year and half ago--
can't believe she has it again!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yep--I am still here--
and I am keeping busy--
but just have nothing to show for all
all the busy-ness as yet!!!!

So here is just some photos that I have taken this summer--

Everyone have a happy day and be sure to
Hug someone--and make someone smile--
then do something just for the fun of it!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Friday, July 20, 2012


Pink Betty was a 'hummin' away today!!!!
Yep--she has not forgotten how to run--
her 'operator' needs some refresher 'courses' I think--
but then again--
that's what seam rippers where invented for---
Ok--here are the two latest's projects--
First up is this little one I did today--
Used more of Anni Downs Christmas blocks for this one--
wanted something simple--
these blocks mostly have to do with Christs birth--
Had fun designing it--
Can't wait to hand quilt this one--
am almost done with the main body of the other Christmas one from this line--
then have to hand quilt the border on it--so it will be a bit yet--
before it might be this ones turn!!!!

And here is where I am at with the one that I have been working on  and off of for the last 2 months--
I had a real hard time getting a good picture of this one today---
the colors are really pretty, yet they look terrible in the photos?????
this is another one that I am mainly designing as I go--
the star blocks I did get from the book that came with this line of fabric a couple years ago--
but the rest I have done on my own--
I think I have decided how to finish it --
and get rid of the sharp points at top and bottom--
or would you leave this way for a different look?????????

Was some cooler here today and a bit on the wet side--
but just great weather to lock yourself into the sewing room!!!!!

Is anyone working on any Christmas projects--
using Christmas prints??????

Hugs, Di and her lovely kitty--Miss Gracie

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We have the ice cream truck stop here on Wednesdays at 1:30--
Can you read what she says on the side of the truck???
"Moe knows ice cream"--
I feel so like a kid when she comes--
and it is fun--
as we did not any ice cream trucks where I grew up--
but I do remember the Milk man!!!

And it is one flower Wednesday--
Opps--we have a petal missing!!!!!
But the phone rang and I was invited to go with a girl friend to Joanns'--
and as Petsmart is nearly next door, I went along--
as Miss Gracie was needing some kitty litter!!!
I thought that maybe because I was doing something for Miss Gracie --
she would finish the flower for me--but?????

and I did get my knitted gloves finished--
See---and they really are not hard to do---!!!!!!

well--it's late for me and I am tired--
need to find my rocking chair and some knitting needles to work on--
or start a good book--hummmmm???????

Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Monday, July 16, 2012


Sat and Sunday go--
has any one seen them???

Hope everyone had a great and successful, fun, week end????
I have 2 more finishes to show for mine!!!!
First is another knitted shawl--
Now this has not been blocked yet--
so it will be some larger when that is done--
this is the Linden Shawl--
and can you believe that I did it in black??????????

and I got the Christmas redwork project all stitched--
I did not press this yet--
but then I think I like it 'wrinkly" it looks sooo country this way--
now to decide how to finish it--
anyone have any good ideas for me??????

And yesterday --Sunday we did get some rain--
and I sat outside and knitted and watched it rain--
what a wonderful sight--
yet I felt 'sad' cause I know there are alot of states that need rain even worse than we did--
our lawns are gone and have been for a while now--
so lets all get real busy and pray for some rain for the midwest states!
Hugs, Di and her funny kitten--Miss Gracie