Saturday, September 29, 2012


baby kitties--
all at the same place!!!!!!
Meet Spirit--
and her 2 little ones--
can you see where the second one is sleeping????
Spirit has her very own special story to tell--
she now is homed at the yarn shop with her babies--
you see the manager, Pam--
was at a meeting at the 4-H campgrounds when Spirit walked in and joined them--
she was very hungry so they feed her some roast beef from there sandwiches--
after she got full--she laid right now by them all and gave birth to 3 kitties!!!!!
Pam ended up saying that for our SPCA that she could foster them at the shop--
so she was moved and set up very nicely there--and they gave her the name of
Spirit cause the group that was meeting is called "SOS" Spirit of Schuyler--
(we are sad to say that one little baby passed away on Monday-boo!)
She is one very friendly cat and a great mother--
so now you know where I go every day??????

Did you say you went to a 'wine' tasting, Di???
NO--I said I went to a Yarn tasting!!!!
See--it was Thursday evening at the yarn shop--
and see all the 'samples' for us to taste?????
By the time came this table was loaded with all kinds of food--
ahhh--let me rephrase that--all kinds of 'yummmmmmy' food--
and yes that bucket has some wine in it--
a lot of them like their wine, but no body drinks more than a glass or two!!!
The sales rep who came to do this--
she has done alot of these--
but this one won first prize for so much good food!!!

I won a door prize--
2 balls of the kid mohair in a deep russet color--
and as all the Cascade yarns where at 20% off for the evening I did purchase these two skeins--
Both are really new colors for me and the stash!!!!

And yes--I have been back to the Yarn shoppe both Friday and today to hold kitties and to talk and pet the Momma kitty!!!!!!

And I have been working with fabric--hopefully tomorrow I will have photos there--
be good have a great day tomorrow--
Hugs,Di and miss gracie

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


In all his glory--
is finished---

See---got the binding done on it today--
the hand quilting has been done for awhile now---
and I love the fabric I put on the back--

Love these vintage kids eating all the sweets!!!
and my 'model' holder today is--Marge  age 95 +--
and is my Anne's mom!!!
she is dear---

and I also worked on this project today--
Chookyblues SAL for this year---
I have another panel of blocks prepped--
This one--
I also have alot of the pattern pieces cut and ready for the other 2 strips---
Fun fun fun!!!!

and I did do some counted cross stitch late this after noon!!!
by the way--isn't it someone else's turn for me to pass these allergies off toooooo--
I am getting 'sick' of being 'sick'!!!!!

and as today is flower Wednesday--
and I did not get any hexie's made--
I will show you some more photos from yesterdays walk--ok????
Hugs, Di and Miss gracie

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Here is what I am working on at the moment!!
Knitting this pair of socks--
the fancy stitching for the cuffs is done now on both--
I always get 2 sets of double points for socks and I set them both up --
and then I work one just so far and then work the other one--that way---
I get a pair done instead of just one and have to remember how to start all over again to the second one!!!

Have gotten more knitted on this shawl and I am using the Schaefer Yarn Heather that is calls for--
and I just love the feel of this yarn!!!
I can not  say that this is my color--but it is a fall color sooooo!!!
but when I get back to the yarn shop this week--
you can bet I will be seeing what other colors they have in the Heather line!!!!

The other night at midnight--yep-- at midnight--
when I could not sleep--
I wanted a project to knit that was a bit more detailed that the one above--
so I started this one--
and it is coming along nicely and is a fairly easy pattern--
and NO I did not do all of this that night--been a couple days and nights working on it!!!

I have been---
yep--this looks like me!!!
Have been ill for nearly 2 weeks now with sinus--
you know the ragweed season!!!
so most days my head has felt like mush--
Why--Miss Gracie--
are you laughing at me???
I mean--my head has felt more 'mushy' than normal!!!!!!!
That's better--now I will give you some treats before bed!!!!

and I have been working on this--
See the basting threads--got that done this morning--
and have started hand quilting on it this afternoon--
but you will have to wait until it is finished to find out how I am finishing it--
and thanks for all the input--I really appreciated!!!!

And it was one lovely fall day--
and I did manage to get out and get a couple new photos--
and I will show more next time!!!

Hugs, and happy stitching--
Di and that silly miss gracie!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Webster up to?????
Oh you have takin a liking to Zen tea--
Oh, yep it is good for relieving sinus pressure!!!
Oh--it's not for you!!!
Ahhh--yes I do believe that 'Di' has needed a couple three cups of that brew the last couple days!!!!
and yes it has helped her alot!!!
And now what do you have there????
I did not know that you could cook???
OH--I see--you just 'love' thinking about food!!!
Now this one looked like a good one--
and it does have some good sounding recipes in it--
way too many call for a 'can' of soup!!!
and if you are using a 'can' of soup--
it has to make more that 2 servings--
and I don't do canned soup!!!!

Now we are talking--
two of the gals in my knitting classes uses this book and just loves it--
so I sure don't want to be left out of the crowd!!!
Oh--you ask me 'when'  I will mixing up a batch--

Ok--I know I already 'broke' one of my new rules--
that I would not start another new shawl pattern until the two that are left on the needles are finished--
But I have a good reason for starting a new one!!!!
or at least it sounded good yesterday!!!
You see I had a terrible sinus head full yesterday and I needed something really really simple to do--
and the yarn had to be a bit thicker than the pink shawl that is on one set of needles--
I did finally find this one --the and it has fit the bill--
so there you have it!!!!!  My story!!!!
And looky here--Ms.Bear is taking time to smell the flowers!!!!
are you taking some time to do that this week end????
Even Miss Gracie is in the window--
smelling the Autumn air and watching the leaves start to fall--

Hugs,Di and miss gracie and Webster!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What are you looking doing over there????
Oh--you want me to look down???
OH--I see--someone has been 'spinning' some hexie flower blocks around last weeks
And you want to help???
Ok let's get busy then--
Oh my--look at what Webster and did today--
we added lots of hexies to last weeks flower and now we have one big flower!!!
and I think it would look nice here on this table for a covering--
Only--I can't decide how to finish it????
do I leave it as is and just do the backing and batting--
do I add the half hexie's all around the border--
and If I was to add the half hexie's--
which fabric do you like best for it??????
The purple dot--as is in some of the hexies--

this fabric has a black background with moons on it--

Or this cute fabric with the candy corn on it-----

so please help me and Webster decide by voting --
Oh and N0.4 would be to put a cloth under it and finish it as is!!!

Thank you for your time in helping us--
Have a great day--
Hugs, Di and ---Miss Gracie of course!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Screaming about????
Last Thursday morning as I got up
I hear this terrible racket coming from one of my knitting bags--
started checking out where the noise was coming from and
discovered it was the bag with this fall shawl in it--
so I asked what it's problem was--
" I want to be finished---NOW!!!"
Ah--wellll--you are not the only shawl or even the only project that
I am working on right now!!
"but that is what the problem is--lady--
you have too many 'projects' going on and I want out of this silly bag--
and I mean NOW!!!!
so we worked for 4 days on it--
and I am happy to report that it is now happy--
and even Webster likes it and is happy I finished it!!!!
Glad that crisis is over!!!!

and while on the subject of knitting--
Webster is showing you a pair of socks that are finished--
and Miss Rosie is showing off the pink 'potato chip' scarf that I made recently!!!

I did get another quilt all hand quilted--
but have not made it to the sewing room to sew on the binding--
but in the meantime, I am working on handquilting another quilt!!!

Today in the photo field--

and does anyone know what kind of berries these are???
They look so fake--but they are real and growing on a wire fence down by the lake????

Hugs, Di--and Miss Gracie

Saturday, September 15, 2012


but as they say--
Late is better than never!!!!!
Here is my hexie flower--
these hexies are 3 inch size--across one edge--so this is large!!!!
And look at this--

the two spiders are talking to each other!!!!
I wonder what they are talking about????
~~~~~the first spider says to the second spider??
~~do you think it will rain today???
~~the second spider says--Humm, It might!!!
~~~then the first spider says--
~~but we don't care do we??? as we now live with Di and her kitty, Miss Gracie--
and it is nice and dry in here!!!
~~~the second spider says--
~~you are right--so let's get busy and help Di with her decorating by spinning some webs in the corners of the rooms!!!!
~~~~~~the end!!!! Of Part 1!!!

Are you ready for a  picture of my little brother????
No--who is that women???
and whose arm it that????
Lets try again!!!
Ahhhhh-ahhhhh--they are both tryin to catch a quick cat nap--
while I am trying to get a photo--
Hey, guys--wake up--
smile now!!!

Now we are talking!!!!
I love you two!!!

Have a great day tomorrow everyone!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie