Thursday, January 31, 2013


wonder if all the kings men can put it back together again!!!
Remember my new quilt top from yesterdays post??

and you know about the best 'froggin' tool on the market???
Clover seam ripper!!
Well--this afternoon they got together and this is what I found on the floor!!!

now what and 'why' is it all apart?????
It seems that when 'Di' was eating her breakfast this morning she looked over to
'admire' her new top--But-- she thought she was going to do that 'v' word!!!
She said she had to get rid of that 'awful' shade of green--
it just ruined the whole quilt!!!
So that is just what she did this afternoon--
and now look--

Look at how different this is and the colors go better--
this purple fabric was in the kit too--they had used it somewhere else--
but I do believe that it looks good here and only a small amount of it!!

Soooo--hopefully when Di looks at the quilt in the morning--

where she saw the other one--she will 'smile' instead of 'v'!!!!!
so see the Kingsmen can put the egg back together again and it is even better than it was in the beginnning!!!!!

OK let's talk about Odie--
I went to see him again today--
you see--I do love this kitten--
I love him enough to want is the very best for him--
and I have not had 'peace' about him coming here!!!
I don't really know why--I just haven't!!
So I went today and talked to Sue, at the shop (Pam was out at the time)
and we both knew that having 'peace' about something is important!!
then I sat in the chair and Odie did come to me and wanted some loving--
as we sat there doing that, Pam,. came in--and that was the end of Odie and me--
Odie loves Pam--
Pam had washed his rug that he likes from his room and she was sitting there and we
were talking and Odie laid down on the rug immediately and looked up at me--
with this 'soft' sweet face--that did show 'peace' and it was like he said to me--
I am home--this is where I want to be for now!!!
Soo--that is where he will stay for now--
this doesn't mean that I might not still bring him home at some point--
it just means that the best place for him right now is right where he is!!!
Does any of this make sense to you????

We did get a 'little' snow flurry late this afternoon--
by the time I took the picture it was done!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


Wednesday, January 30, 2013


and it was warm enough outside today for the flowers in the ground to want to grow!!!!
was 65 degrees (F) here today--crazy!!!!!
Ok--here is some new flowers for my garden--
and they are being 'servered' on a plate for you today!!
These 'chicks' are getting all cleaned up to go shopping!!!
Wonder how much 'money' they got in that purse?????
and here is some cute 'kitty cats' doing some funny stuff!!!!

and yet some more--love that one holding the mouse by the tail and how about the one with the
headphones on???????

I also worked on a 'kit' that I bought on the New Hampshire trip in 2011!!

I love this sewing panel--and I love mice--at least mice that are printed on fabric!!!!!
I am not sure if I am done with this yet--
the pattern that came with the fabrics has it longer yet????
--and the blue mice border fabric I just happen to have 
in my stash--it did not come in the kit!!!!
Don't you love it 'when' a plan comes together?????

I did walk over in a light rain to the yarn shop to see Master Odie!!
can't get over how much he grows each time I see him--
we played a bit and then he curled up in my arms--
and we cuddled for awhile-
still no word as to when I can bring him home!!

Tomorrow we will be back to this--
cold and snow and wind--
good inside working weather!!!!

Have fun you'all!!!
Hugs, Di and the fur babies!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


first I have to take some clothes off--
too hot--take the sweater and socks off--
an hour later it is too cold--

Gotta put more clothes on!!

this goes on for me all day it seems--
putting clothes on--taking them off --putting more back on--

no wonder I don't get anything done at the end of the say!!!!!!!lol

I did have a good time with my friend Anne this morning--
we both quilted for awhile and then went to Walmart--
and out to lunch at Arby's for the new fish sandwich!!

This afternoon I did get some small projects finished and that is always a good feeling--
First I got the Christmas ornament finished for January-

and then in picking up some things in the sewing room
I found 2 needle punch projects that I had not finished off--
and at the same time--
an idea formed as to how to finish them off-
so that is what I did-

I am happy to have these done--
now I want to do some more??????

Still no word on when I can get Odie!!!
Did call and check on him today and of course he is fine!!!
some how I will get over to see him tomorrow--
it rained hard here this afternoon-

and is suppose to rain all day tomorrow--
but then--
beware--cause the weather is to change again during the night!!!

to very cold and ice and snow for the next few days!!!
after all it is winter--right????

Hope everyone stays safe warm, dry--
and keep stitching--
you have 2 days left til the end of January to finish those January commits--
think mine are all done???
Hugs,Di and miss gracie

Monday, January 28, 2013


just don't have alot of finishes to show yet!!
I know it sounds like a good 'excuse' doesn't it???
Here is todays finish though--
I got the shoe bag finished for Chookyblues SAL--
(and I also have made the thread catchers--sooo--)
I am just a building these days!!

And I decided to join in Terry's SAL--
and here is what I will be working with for that quilt-
I am going to use dark solid colors for the charm part and then 'leftover' jelly roll strips for the white part--
I hope to get these cut by the 1st of Feb. so that I am ready for that first stitching part!!!
The strips above are some that were left over from last years Some kind of Wonderful SAL with Chookyblue--the darker ones I sewed together and make a big reel of binding for that quilt and then some???  and I sorta and put away the larger pieces that were left--so I basically cleaned out a drawer today--
only then I filled it back up with this new quilt project!!!!

Been working on bits of this project and that project--
some is prep work--some is the hand quilting projects that are being worked on--
and I read a book over the week end--
Talking about books--
I have 3-4 mystery novels floating around in my head that I need to write--
so maybe I need to change 'careers' here and write some books instead of sewing--
what do you think??????
I am hungry tonight for some reason--
guess just bread and peanut butter for supper is not enough--
I knew I should of thrown some jelly on top too!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Saturday, January 26, 2013


another day!!!
I had to get outside--
don't know what is happening to me--
I used to be such a 'house plant'--as my Mom used to call me!!!
I could stay inside for days at a time, and it not bother me???

The weather was not 'frightful' here today--
though it was only 26 degrees out--
so was the sun, pretty much--
so this afternoon, I dressed warm and off I went!!!
I bet you can all 'guess' just where I went???

went to the quilt shop--
I  decided to join the paint chip challenge--
and had gotten my 'chip' a week or so ago--
so went to see what I could find--
cause you know--even with all my stash--
nothing matched!!!!
and I was happy to say that I was able to match these 3 up perfectly--
the one is from the solids--the next blue is a new line Sue just got in and comes in different colors--
the 3rd one, almost gone, but I only need a little for what I want to make--
Ahhh--that is I think that is all I will need--
I have no idea yet where I am going with this????
Oh--OK--you can stop 'shaking' your heads now!!!

and of course I stopped at the yarn shop--
and it wasn't to buy yarn!!!
I can not get over how fast 'Odie" is growing--
and he is getting a darker steel grey along with it--
but he is still my loving kitty--
and 'yes' I finally broke down and did the paperwork on him,
 to adopt him--
now sure that Pam will be really happy--
cause if the adoption goes through--I need to bring him home!!!!

 I spent the afternoon working on cutting 'hexie' blocks and filling up that box--
See all kinds of fussy cut ones!!!

and I have started another 'wool' project--
and I am working on hand quilting both of these two quilts--
Sooo--I have been busy the last two days--
that is--except for 'goofing' off this afternoon,
running around overtown!!!

So what have you been doing this week end???
Hugs, Di and miss gracie and maybe--Odie??

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I think yesterday was just a 'slow' brain day--
we do all have them don't we--
please say 'yes'!!!!
Here is the four centers--
I did the main cutting last night--once I figured out the sizes to cut--
Got 3 done before lunch and the 4th one after--
so should I stop now--
or keep going--?????
Guess I will cut more pieces and see from there---
What's this????
Ahh--me thinks that 'Di' keep going--
and see now she has another finished top!!!
These 2 fabrics--
Have been in the bag with the pattern almost from the first day the pattern arrived in my mail box--
It is hard to see, but there is 'teal' in the fern leaves and it is sooo pretty--
and that is what I based this little quilt on--red and teal--
So now we are on to #3--that one has some applique in the center, so should be fun to make too!
I may use a different era of fabrics on the next one--
time will telllllll????

And another wool/felt project is all done--
The original pattern had black stars for the top where my 3 gold ones are--
but stars are suppose to be gold--right???
but now I wonder if I should of left them black????
tooo late baby!!!!

And I actually got a good picture of the 'House Boss' today--
She is hard to take pictures of--and have them come out nice--
but this one is perfect, me thinks????

Hugs, Di and miss gracie