Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Is now proud to be finished--
this was another bom--in applique and I just loved doing these blocks--
and am so happy to have totally finished so I can enjoy it--
I did hang it outside the door in the hall way and my heart one is now inside here with me!!!!
and this is the backing--
again it is a piece of fabric that Alice sent me--
I just love this piece!!
This one was hard to find a binding for--let me tell you????

And here is a look at the 'in the future' table--
these are the smaller sized ones--
and these are a bit larger size--
they all now have batting and backings--
just need to press and baste them as I hand quilt them!!!!
Work work work--
I still have more tops to do?????????

Yesterday --
my friend Anne and I walked over town for a  toasted cheese sandwich--
and coming out of little restaurant I fell in love with this---
that   sweet potato vine is so full and long and pretty!!!
these planters are all up and down the main street--
but I think this one was the prettiest!!!!!!

Well--you all be good and enjoy the summer/winter where you are--
for before long now the season will change again!!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Well--I am happy to announce that I got---
More finishes done!!

This heart one is one I did and designed all my little ole self!!!!!
it was started some time ago--so am glad to see it all finished--
and it is hanging outside my door!!
and here is the back of it!!

and now this one is ready for layering and hand quilting!!
I did not show this one when it was finished--as for the embroidery goes!!!
I just can't decide how I want to finish it off?????

now this one is all finished!!!!
---You have to forgive the photographer--she cut the top binding off in
the photo!!!!  When I see her I shall give her "10 lashes with a wet noodle"!!!!!

So what have you been up to this past week?????
see how much work one can get done when one is allergic to the outdoors!!!?????
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Thursday, July 25, 2013


as I finally made it to the sewing room--
and 'Pink Betty' still remembers how to run!!!!
we got the bindings sewed onto 2 small quilts--
and even got the hand sewing done--
this little one is made with a mini charm pack that Alice sent me--
I had the little scottie dog print--
so in honor of Alice--I used a 30's purple fabric for the backing!!
then I got this one done--
I know that these blocks were done from a sew-along from one of the blogs--
but this 'darn-cute' brain of mine--is not recalling which one--
but it is also all done--the binding is a dark brown and I see it now blends in
with the chair that I photoed it on--sorry!!!
and this is the backing--so on this one I really do have '2' quilts--
as both the front and the backs look like quilts!!
And this is the hand quilting project that I am working on now--
I am on the borders--
and today I happened to look down on it from my chair and realized that---
I had to do the 'frog' thing--haven't done the 'frog' thing in a long time--
as I discovered that the vine quilting going up the side --
the fabric was really 'bunched' up between the stitching and the blocks--
soooo--out it came--
we will start it over again!!!!

It is a bit cooler here--though in living upstairs I am still on the warmer side!!!

So happy stitching everyone--
love, di and miss gracie

Monday, July 22, 2013


I do have to say that this summer so far --
is steady and slow--
(and yes hot and humid--but????)

I have gotten another small quilt top hand quilted--

the top one here--
so we now add it to the binding pile!!!!

and more embroidery work is being done on these--
and they are nearly done--
and while doing laundry this morning--
three of the flowers on this table runner are finished with the blanket stitch!!!!
soooo--I am keeping busy!!!

And yesterday I even went overtown to visit some of my favorite shops--
as it was a bit cooler here--
and I did not spend one penny!!!!
though I think there was a piece of fabric that kinda wanted to come home
with me!!!!!!
I was actually reading in our local paper that 100 years ago this month they had a very heavy frost--
and it killed alot of the gardens and fruits it was so bad!!!!

Guess we will keep the heat this year and not complain!!!!!?????
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Thursday, July 18, 2013


That could not wait for spring/summer--
I want to know if it is 'hot' enough for you??????

this muggy/humidity is not good--
I am as stuck inside now as I was this winter!!!!!
just not fair--:-(

I have gotten more done on the 4 embroidery pieces--
and today I did somehow manage to get the backing on another long wall hanging,
and am anxious to start working on hand quilting it this afternoon!!!!
Did the one on the bottom and the little one on the top!!!

What I want to know is--
why when we have such nice stashes --
that when we need backing or whatever--
we never have the right color????????
I did make it uptown to the bank yesterday and then over to the quilt shop--
I picked up the cute grey and rusty fox fabric at the sale room for only $5 a yard!!!
I do think this  will be cute on the backing--there is grey in the border print--
but that didn't get in the picture!!!

And yesterday turned out to be lily day for photos--

I do hope everyone is somehow keeping cool--
the temp in here this morning was 84--as I don't run the ac at night--
and that was over 3 hours ago and the ac is still running and is finally down to 78 degrees--
I need to go get my B-12 injection--but it is way too humid to walk even the 2 blocks to
the clinic and tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter and more humid--ouch!!!!

love, di and miss gracie
PS--I will be running the ac tonight --for sure!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013


that it is 'okay' to sit and watch the TV--
all afternoon if I want and that I do not need to feel guilty about it!!!
and if I feel like doing some hand work--
well--good for me--
and if I can not manage to pick up a needle--
well--good for me, too!!!
Here is 4 embroideries that I am working on at the moment--
and I did get more done on them this afternoon while watching some
Our weather here is has been very hot, humid, and muggy--
and I need to be inside, in order to breathe!!!!
And I think 'breathing' is good--
don't you?????

I also know that some were working on Christmas projects this past week end--
so I did join you--have started the hand applique on this one!!

and on Friday afternoon I did borrow a long folding table from downstairs--
to work on--
sandwiching some smaller wall hangings for hand quilting!!!
I have a bunch done--but still have 5-6 more to go!!

And I have tried to find some cooler times for going for a walk--
and on my walk I do take the camera!!
And flowers just seem to shout at me to take their pictures!!!!!

So I am giving you all 'permission' to slow down this summer--
stay cool--and be relaxed!!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Saturday, July 13, 2013


I was out taking some photos last evening on my way--
to get a couple slices of pizza for supper--
and I took this picture--
This is a small flower bed at the other end of the building--
after a couple shots--
I felt something by my leg and looked down--
to see--
this friendly grey cat there--
she is around alot and has a collar and tags--
then I realized that she has been sleeping in the flower bed under the
lilies that I just took the photo off!!!
we visited for a minute and then I continued on!!!

also took a picture of the little squirrel that eats under the bird feeder out back!!!

and this was the sunset last night--
don't know that I have ever seen this color here before--
so pinky-purple!!!!
Hope your having a great week end!!
oh and the pizza was a great change for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie

Friday, July 12, 2013


seem to have that one disease that us 'quilters' often get!!!
Buying or ordering more fabric for the stash!!!
one order is in--
Ordered these 2 charm packs--
I liked the color and the basic designs--
polka dots--
more but different sizes--
and stars of all sizes and colors!!!

And I have more flower photos to share--
I love this pink rose!!!
Pretty orange flower down by the lake on an arbor--

This afternoon we get to meet our new office manger--
her name is Beth--
and in meeting her--so far--she seems really nice and friendly!!!
Guess time will tell!!!!

Oh and it is week end time again!!!
what are your plans?????
Love , di and miss gracie

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Do you remember me posting about the cardboard races--
here at the end of lake on June 19,2010--
and showing you this boat--
and telling you about Devon Shaw who was fighting cancer???

Devon lost his battle yesterday at the age of 18--
even though all the surgeries, treatments, and set-backs--
he did graduate high school this past June!!
I admire you Devon and even though I did not personally know you--
I did keep up with you and your courage!

Hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I had a nice surprise yesterday
 when I went down to collect the mail---
a package from another country--
how exciting--
as I was not expecting anything--
and inside was the prettiest purple package--
just waiting for someone to unwrap it--
and to discover the 'treasures' inside!!!
the first thing I seen was this cute wallet --
I have wanted to make myself this same wallet for a very long long time--
now I don't have too--
and let me tell you--the stitching on this is 'perfect'--
much much better than I would of done!!!!!

and inside the wallet was???
a thimble--
and the thimble has the Norway flag on it--
oh what a great treasure that is!!
and I got a pretty piece of cloth with roses on it and a package of Napkins--
and a cute card--
so can you see who my 'gifter' was???
none other than Anne-Lise from Ragtag and bobtails!!!
Thank you so much Anne-Lise--you made my day!!!!

Love, Di and miss gracie