Friday, July 29, 2016


I am getting the basket blocks embroidered--
Not sure I am doing one a week--
but it is close--another one has been started--
but not it is time to work on this weeks Bee blocks--
see we have about 7 blocks more to make after these 2--so will be doing them all through the month of August it looks like!!

And DD took me to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon for more of the cotton yarn I use on the baby sweaters--I have the last 2 skeins on the needles now--
and I learned it was on sale through Saturday--savings of about 60 cents a skein--
so was a good time to do a trip--
and lookie what came home with me--
And there is some new ones--the marbled ones are new--so can't wait to work with them--
got 13 more skeins at least 7 more sweaters on this chair!!
While there, the DD and I was looking at more adult color books and colored pencils-
not sure why--have plenty of each--
but look what she bought me--
A whole color book on Butterflies--and I wanted to try out this new brand of pencils--
and I really liked them--they colored up nicely!!

and then the 'kids' took me to Friendly's for dinner--
and yes we did top of the meal with a Happy Endings, ice cream sundae!!!
this is the same Friendly's that both my daughter and I worked at years ago and is pretty much the only one left for miles and miles on this coast!!

Well--I need to get my Bee blocks traced and colored--
so keep cool if you are where it is HOT--( as it is here today--ouch!!)
love and laughter, di

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I got the last 2 Bee blocks done before the next ones are out--
I like brown bunnies--
with blue eyes!!

I just had to have a red tractor--
knew from day one that my tractor would be red--
so somewhere in my memory there must of been a red one!!!
Wonder what the next two blocks will be???
Think I will head over  to the Moda Bake Shoppe and see???

I also go another baby sweater finished--
I now have 16 waiting to find new homes--
still not sure where to send them this year for donations???

love and laughter, di

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I can't believe that I have been able to keep up
with the BEE blocks each week--
maybe there is 'hope' for me after all!!
Here is last weeks blocks--
Now that mail box is all me--
the original pattern is just the flower--
but you know me--
have to change everything--
so finally decided on a mail box and to name my farm!!
and a picnic has to have a red checked table cloth !!!!
The next 2 blocks are posted and I have just copied them off--
so need to go and get them prepped for this weeks sewing!!

and I forgot to show you 2 new treasures from out free table down stairs--
got this nice cart and was thinking about it being a sewing cady-
but Bubbles and his tank won out!!
And this cute stool walked home with me the other day--
I love stools and had to sell all my little wooden ones when I moved down here nearly a year ago now--

Love and Laughter, di
I believe this place is as good as any to eat my peanut--said the squirrel the other day while I was down on the dock--(I am the animal whisper!!!)

Saturday, July 16, 2016


I got another basket block all embroidered--
I do love these when they are done--
but there is a lot of stitching on each one--
along with figuring out the color of the flowers each time--
I did go through all my embroidery colors (over 400) and took out about 5 reds, 5 pinks, 5 greens, 5-6 browns,5 yellows, 5 blues, and 5 oranges to match the 30's colors I had used in the fabric on the blocks and have each color in a zip lock bag--and that has helped alot!!

I am now working on the Bee blocks--
and 'yes' I did change each one a bit--
hope to have them done by Sunday to show you-- as the next 2 blocks will be out by then--
and I have started the next hand quilting project!!
and I am always knitting on a baby sweater--
oh and wait--it is the week end and now it is time to work on my monthly counted cross stitch project--
and --
I am trying to sew on the machine each day--
0ohhhh--and wait--
I need to get another dress designed for this months color of hot pink and lime green--
and then there is ??????

So now when I am suppose to read the 5 books that I got on the library van on Thursday--
good thing I am retired and have all the time in the world!!!!lol

And I have to go for my walk each day and down on the dock and watch the critters and the birds each day--
Like Lurch--he follows the fishermen around in hopes they will throw him some bait fish they just caught!!
Nothing like a lazy bird!!!
have a great week end--
love and laughter, di

Monday, July 11, 2016


Another quilt is all finished--
I believe this was a couple mini charm packs that I just sewed together randomly into 9 patches --
and then had the perfect fabric for the borders--
I hand quilted around each of the flower groups on this border-
a bit more on the hand quilting designs in the center of the quilt
And remember this fox fabric???
it is on the back of this quilt--

so another project is finished--
and I got my last hand basted quilt out today and have decided on the handquilting designs for that one--
but now need to be thinking about whether to put some already made blocks into quilt tops for basting or to do up some more tops I have in the closet that are waiting for batting, backing, and basting????????
love and laughter, di

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Welll--on some projects that is--
Have been a busy little 'bee' working on the new Bee blocks--
and have all '7' blocks done now--
Block 3 got done over the week end--
block #6--love this block--my cake has a strawberry layer and a chocolate layer!!
and sits on a green depression cake plate!
and this yellow tiger kitty is hiding in a patch of flowers!!
and here is all 7 of my blocks so far--what fun these have been to stitch this summer--
and the next 2 blocks won't be out until this week end--( these are all done on white backgrounds--but when I take my photos mornings, my windows are still have the curtains closed to keep out that morning sunshine and heat!!so it looks beige--)
so all caught up on these!!!!

July's counted cross stitch is finished and on display and so far the August block is not out--
I am caught up on this project too!!!

and I got another basket block embroidered--
Here is the 3 of them I have gotten done so far--
Just 17 more to go of these!!!

And here is the sewing machine project I am working on--
So you remember this one--it was on Terrys site a couple years ago or so now--
I did one then but did not use the white  and just didn't like it when finished--
so this is my 2nd try and it has been a couple years in the works now--but do hope to finish it as I want it to go on my twin bed--at least that is todays plan!!!

love and laughter, di