Sunday, November 27, 2016


Everybody is over Thanksgiving--
and on their way to do the Christmas thing!!!
This is what I was working on this morning--
Coloring--I pretty much just only color on Monday afternoons--
we a group that meets in the Community room--
but am working on Christmas tags--
and as I plan to do some mailing of packages on Thursday--
decided I had better get going---

as the elves were off for Thanksgiving break--
I had to do their work for them and make '14' items that are uncover--
for now--
sorry you will have to wait until after Christmas to see what is really under the cloth--
all I can say is--they are 'cute'!!!

This afternoon will find me working on Decembers counted cross stitching--
and rewatching Downton Abbey--
Hope your Sunday is a good one--

Ohhh--when do we start  baking Christmas Cookies????
love and laughter, di

Thursday, November 24, 2016


and one of the things that I am most thankful for this year--
it 'all my blog readers" from the past year--
I wish each and everyone of you and your loved ones--
nothing but blessing after blessing!
and may all your dreams come true!
Love, Laughter, Blessings--Di

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I was sooo excited a couple weeks ago--
to learn that I had won a prize on the --
Eeerie Nights Blog Hop--
and it came in the mail yesterday--
There is 8 fat quarters here--
Look at all these cute prints--
But now I have to put on my thinking 'cap' and decide how to use them!??
Thank you Timeless Treasures for donating these packs to the hop--
and a Big Thank You to all the gals who designed and showed us some great Halloween items!!

And now for another finish--
a beautiful Peacock was November's animal and I loved stitching this one-again--
each month has been a joy to stitch--
As I looked out my 3rd floor bedroom window I seen some vines  growing and thought--
how much that looks just like a Peacock--
Now doesn't look like a Peacock standing on top of the fence????
or am I seeing things????
Welll--I need to get back to work--

the Christmas elves are off getting the turkey for Thanksgiving--
so I have no help in the stitching area today!!
love  and laughter, di

Friday, November 18, 2016


I did promise you some photos of
some of the projects that I have in progress at the moment--
First up--
are you enjoying the new blocks in the newest 100 block magazine ready to come out this week??
This is an older issue that I have and am working on 2 --
different blocks in it for Christmas gifts--
first is--
this cat block--
it will be for my friend Anne in NY--
I can show it as she doesn't have internet nor read my site--
I am making 2 cats--and they will be a wall hanging when done--
and doing them in her favorite color--blue!!
Second one--
Welll--what can I say--
it is from the magazine and it will also be a wall hanging--
but that is all I can say and show now!!!

and my new knitting pail does have a project in it--
something blue again--
socks --
wonder who they are for--
Hint is at first project!!!

I also have the reindeer project--
got one block done of applique--but not sure I like the way it came out--
looks off centered--so have to play 'better' with the next one and see how it comes out--
It is hard to work on it when I need to be doing the 'gifty' stuff right now--
as all these gifts and more have to be mailed--

Be good and keep stitching--
love and laughter, di

Thursday, November 17, 2016


I was in the grocery store yesterday morning--
moving along and marking things off the list--
and at the end of one of the aisles I seen the Christmas aisle--
now I do not need any Christmas clutter--
one has too still look--right??

so I am cruising along the aisle --
when I have stop dead and start smiling--
I try to pass the item--
but just can't--
so in the front seat of the cart it goes--
and me and my new friend finish the grocery shopping with a big smile on our faces--
and now me and Bubbles has a new friend--

and I am still smiling--
but a bit confused--
just what is this thing--that is soo cute and has captured my heart????
Is it a bird--it has feet--
Is it a snowball--it is round--
Is it a snowman--it has a hat and a carrot nose--
Just what is it??????
love and laughter, di

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


When Di was showing her fall decorating--
she forgot to show this photo--
How dare her!!!!
Us scarecrows have to stick together--right???
She promises some quilting photos--sooon--
maybe tomorrow!!
and she just did post over on her other blog site--
see upper left hand corner on this page--

love and laughter, di

Sunday, November 13, 2016


some actual Fall decorating-
a couple weeks ago--
but, forgot to show the photos--
But first--I found 12 more baby sweaters in the closet that needed buttons sewn on them=
I did that--and now have 22 sweaters for Charity--
hung an embroidery work over the bulletin board and a counted cross stitch beside it--
put the 2 fabric pumpkins and  a leaf garland on a silver tray for the table--
would someone box up those sweaters and get them off the table??
Oh--someone did--thanks--
Bubbles has a cute counted cross stitch fall picture to look at--
Miss Lamb gets to keep an eye on a slate that I painted along time ago!!

another counted cross stitch sits on the little stand in the foyer--
now I remember when Di would of changed the items hanging on the hooks behind
the cross stitch to all fall items/colors--but--
she is a bit lazy this year!!!
And my Apartment door is on it's 2nd Fall wall hanging--so have kept up with that--
will put the Turkey one on the door,  in a couple days !
So there you have it--
I did do some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love and laughter, di

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


only think good on good things--
and cling to my faith in God--
and move on--
Christmas is coming--
Sooo--that is what we need to concentrate on NOW--

Yesterday I actually got to go into an actual Quilt shop--
did not have much to spend and in truth should not of spent anything--
I was in a quilt shop-sooo
I was looking for the Christmas fabric with the red trucks on it--
but they did not have it--
(does anyone know which fabric I am talking about and where I might find some???)
but did find this cute one--
I just love these cork reindeers--
and especially loved the deer with the little squirrel on his back--

So when I got back in the car--I pulled it out to show my daughter--
and that is when I noticed that his antlers where cut off on the strip that I had bought (1/3 yard of it)
so I did go back into the shop--and discovered that it had been the end of the bolt and what little was left--the clerk had cut into fat quarters--but--I was lucky cause in the middle of the fat quarter was 2 of the full deers with the squirrels on his back--soooo I bought me a fat quarter too!

and already this morning I have it cut into the pieces I want for the wall hanging--
now to find the rest of the fabrics I want to finish it with???
it must come from my stash--so I will be on a 'treasure hunt' this afternoon--
Yep nothing better than to work on a new quilt project and not worry about our future and I say this as it did not matter to me which one won--I am still concerned!!!

Down on the dock today--
I had this site--
Lots of the black birds came by--
but no squirrels today--
love and laughter, di

Thursday, November 3, 2016


You might remember me always shopping when I lived in NY--
here is seems I only shop for things I need--
and never get to just shop for something fun--
but the other day when DD came to get me for the monthly shopping trip
to Wal mart--and we first made a stop at a Good will store--
I needed something with long sleeves for the chilly days on the dock--
and here is what walked out with me--
My treasures are a large soup bowl, a glass pie dish, a cute mug, a metal pail and a framed photo of a straw hat--
I did not have a pie dish yet--mine had broken in the shipment--
and the cup is one of those just because purchases --cause it goes with the new bowl!!
and I still love straw hats--though--again I did not bring any with me--
will have to start over again!!
and the pail will be a yarn project holder for me--right now I have already put it to good use--
holding the pair of socks that I am knitting for a friend for Christmas--
and I did find some new shirts--the light purple one is a sweater--all cotton--with 3/4 length sleeves, as is the new shirt--
and the red t-shirt is also 3/4 length sleeves (on me they come nearly to my wrist!!)
and a new t-shirt--these 2 items where new--and have never been worn--
the total for all these items was $13--
now I could of not gotten but one shirt in Walmart for that price--
so I think I did good!!!

and I got October's counted cross stitch done --
we have just 2 months left on this one--
and I can't believe that I have actually pretty much kept up with them!!

have a great fun filled day--
love and laughter, di