Saturday, December 31, 2016


Took today and unearthed all those ufo's--
getting a plan for 2017--
I ended up with a total of 24 quilting projects
and 3 wool ones to finish--
and I made the shocking discovery that I started over 10 new projects last year--
that did not get done!!  Mostly bom's--

I did get over 15 projects finished--
some were started and finished in 2016
and some where started before 2016, but finished in 2016!!

here's all the photos of the ufo's--
Bee quilt--#9
Circa 2016-#6

Basket blocks-#5

 Dresses--#12--have 8 done and have designed 4 more
 This one is called "Terry's quilt" and is not numbered --but on January's list--
want to finish it for me bed--
This is out--but not numbered either--but hope to work on one block amonth again--
like I was trying to do this last year--did get 5 1/2 blocks done--
 Opps--this one is not numbered either--but will probably continue to work on it--

Cross stitch blocks--#7
 Hexie quilt top-#10

This is one left from the quilt shop-quilt of the month in NY a few years back--
so would love to get it finished--#4
 Crapapple hill --started a few years ago--love to finish it--#8

 Love these blocks--gotta get them finished--#11

a bom from Jenny--#2

 bom from Shell at Raspberry Rabbits--#3
 bom from Bunny Hill-#1
And I have picked out 12 of these and numbered them and they are in a box to be worked on monthly in 2017 for one of the challenges--

SO -- this is the plan--now to join of the monthly finish blog sites--
to keep me on track!!!
What is your plan for 2017????

Love and Laughter, di

Friday, December 30, 2016


The happy dance--
I made it through my first week of being a Night Angel--
and though I almost 'fell' apart--
I made it--

OK--where are we--
Oh--got another gift in the mail--
a friend from up north sent this to me--
it is one of the best bird books I have seen--
found the names of at least 2 birds that I had not been able to find in other books--
thanks, Melinda--

my fabric order came in--
This I got for my son--
Monopoly fabric--I need to see if he wants a pillow case or throw pillows out of it--
His first and main love is music and the electric guitar--
His second main love is the game Monopoly!!!

and look what jumped into the package with his fabric--
 How do you like that purple bird one--
all of these were end bits and the price was right!!!
And I just fell head over heels in love with this one--
have no idea yet how I will use it--but????
And look--it has my new word on it for 2017--
so far '2' have guessed right!!!
And looky here--
I got that pair of socks finished last night--
good for me!!!

And here is the small Christmas quilt that I plan--
Plan being the 'word' here--
to hand quilt starting this evening and hope it is finished by Sunday--
and that is a tall order--!!!!
cause remember tomorrow I have to 'dig' up the ufo's and make my list!!!

So this is what I have been up to--
what about you????
love and laughter, di

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Christmas stuff--
was able to get the rest of the circles appliqued on to the background fabric
for the reindeer fabric--
for some reason the  picture looks blurry-
was probably  the photographer trying to do it in a big hurry!!!
and I got the tops and strings ready--
so am ready for the next step on this one--

and I had '2' different mittens knitted for some reason and no mate--
so got them done--
I also got one sock done to the very last row--
now to get the second one done that far--
these were suppose to be a Christmas gift--
when done I will still send it--
and found backing and batting for a small Christmas quilt top that  I did a couple years ago--
that I hope to have ready to hand quilt New Year's eve and New Year's day until time  to
go to daughter's for a big turkey dinner around 6pm--

Are you finishing up leftover Christmas projects??????????
love and laughter, di
PS there is a hint somewhere on this post of what my word for 2017 will be--
can you guess it???????

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


you yesterdays bargains--
Yes there is berries on that tree--
but they are on there in such a way that I can take them off if they don't work out right next year!!
I really probably did not need that container of bows and ribbons---
are you ready for this one--the container is oval and I like the container--soooo!!!!!
I had the white garland on the tree this year and really liked it--but needed a bit more --
I thought, so, bought another one for next year!!
and --yep--those are cupcake papers there on the tray--
am still collecting cupcake papers when I see some I really like--
(my DD thinks I am crazy--she is learning, isn't she??)

And I kinda pooled most of my gifts that I got in the mail--
for photos--
and yes there is applesauce and peanut butter there--
but they are different--as they are organic--and someone knew I like these 2 food choices in organic--
I do have some really neat friends--
what is missing here is all the chocolate I got--
every package had chocolate in it!!!!!

Here is closer shot of the fabrics I got--love every one of them--
oh and can you read that sign--
Now does that 'fit' me or what--
was down there today--
was a picture perfect day down there too!!
And you see the reindeer face--
well--he flew in all the way from AU--
and that yellow box of chocolates flew in from Norway--
Thanks to each and everyone of you who sent me gifts--
all are loved and valued!!
And talking about the river--
here is different kind of photo I took down there today--
the sun was hitting the metal roof of this other dock and sending a ray of sunshine out on to the water like a stream--really pretty!!!

Have a great time enjoying this last week of 2016--
love and laughter, di