Wednesday, March 29, 2017


With sorting all my quilt tops today--
here they are all stacked up on the bed--
I did piles--
one for the really large ones--
one for medium sized one--
one for smaller ones--
and one pile of some that would work for hanging on the front door--

two stacks came out here--
I did have the pile of civil war quilts on here--
and did take them off--
went through them thinking I might part with some--
I fell in love with each one as I unfolded it--soooo!!!!
the fan was also on the dinning room table all this time--
and I really needed to find a new place for it--
it is working really great on here--
and yes--no fish or plants yet--?????

I put all the large quilts back in the basket--
and set the basket on my stool--

and it looks good for now in the corner of my bedroom--

and look where Mrs Flamingo flew today--

She in formed me that I was 'kicking' up too much dust for her to be breathing it--
so she was going to find a new 'sittin' place!!
and chill out with all the Christmas stuff in the top of my closet!!!

I also worked on making up 2 boxes that I need to mail out on Friday--

and I got the Easter door hanging all pressed and hung on the front door--
got the St Patty's day and Valentines decorations boxed up and in the closet--
and some other things sorted out for me to see what I have and if I want to use them for

And I did make it down to the dock this morning for a bit--
the weather was perfect--almost too warm--did have to sit in the shade--
and it was only 10am!! But did not stay long--as 'that' smell was worse today--
but I did get a couple nice photos while down there--so check out Di's workbasket site--
and here is a flower one for you--

                 Enjoy the moments, di

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Spring cleaning coming along--
Surely I did not mean that I really was going to do that --did I????
so far --
not one thing hardly has been touched--
On Monday I did get the binding sewed and put aside for the Pick 6 quilt that I just finished--
so that was good and I did some work with some of the loose pattern prints off's I had on the sewing machine desk and organized them in the note book--
Ladies and Gentlemen--
that is all I have done---

I have been working each day with a neighbor helping her to remember how to knit --
and went to coloring group yesterday--
and had to write a letter--
yep a real letter (write one each week to Anne back in NY)

and been down to the dock a couple mornings--
(Well Mrs Ibis are you going to fly away or just sit there???)

I guess there is always tomorrow to start the cleaning--right???
Then again--this looks like fun--


Saturday, March 25, 2017


I got up and got around and did start on the quilt--
the first step was squaring up these blocks--
then laid out the piles of pieces--
this quilt is put together on 'point'--
my least 'favorite' way to put a quilt top together--
very quickly --
I had to move to the bed in the bedroom to lay out the quilt--
and I had a problem part way through--
I thought I was off by '3' more of the 9 patch blocks--
I found more done out here in the dinning room--
that was a big relief--
but then I was having trouble with the corner pieces--
and things were not matching up right--
a 'light-bulb' moment--there is '4' corners on a quilt--
and they take a different direction triangle for that--
then things progressed nicely--
these little 'abc' pins came to the rescue too--
only could not find the 'a'--so used 'xyz' buttons--
it really made it easier to know what to sew to what
once I brought the pieces out here to sew!!
I am getting there--just the middle '2' rows to go--
( they were the ones that wanted to be 'different'!!)
and at around 3pm this afternoon--
I was ready to square up the quilt--
and here she is--
One rather large top for me--is done--
this measures--52" wide by 66" long--
if I had more of the light blue flower print--I would make nice wide borders
and this one would easily fit my twin bed--
but this line is old enough that I know I won't find any more of it--
for now I am finished with this one--
I was only going to finish the rest of the 12 blocks for this top--
but now I have a whole quilt top--amazing!!!

And I have decided I am going to take the next week off--
from much sewing that is--
I need to do some serious spring cleaning around here--
so that is the plan!!!!!


Friday, March 24, 2017


I decided today that I must not be able to count--anymore!!!
This quilt is driving me crazy--
every time I think  I have cut the right number of pieces--
or the correct sizes--I am off--
But I won't let this one get the best of me--
Here is the 12 blocks now-
they will all go on 'point' in the quilt--
( I cut part of the corner pieces with 5 inch squares instead of 5 1/2" blocks--
guess what--5" don't work!!!!)
and finally here is all the little 9 patches--
--that once again miss counted on--so had to make a stack more!!
and then with background pieces of 3 1/2" blocks I made them into--
In to '20' 9 1/2" blocks--
these are not pressed or squared up yet--
that is tomorrows job--
I worked alllll day on this quilt--
and I can only hope--
only hope that I can finish this quilt with what I have left--
so tomorrow should be interesting!!!!

And remember me saying that I was working on the last--
wool project that I had prepped--

well--this is the start of that project--
it seemed to take forever go get all this stitching done--
to this point--
here is the pattern--
Oh my--I haven't really even started this project yet--
look at all that stitching--???????
whose idea was it for me to make this???????


Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I had one more block to do on the old ufo --Pick 16--to make--
and I looked and looked and finally decided on a basket block--
the little one with 4 baskets on it--
and in making that block this morning--
all I could think about was--
"I am going to be my own 'basket case' by the time--
I figure this one and get it stitched!!!!"
But it is finally done and added to the other 12 blocks--
and here is block 11 that I made yesterday--

and I only need 12 blocks for what I am doing with this quilt--
Here is all 12 blocks now--
and here is my pile of the 9-patches so far--
I might be half way done with these--
these have been good leaders and enders while sewing the other blocks--
The next step is making the 12 blocks larger --
and trying to figure out which fabrics to use to do that --
as I can't get any more of this line--????????

I also got the wool block finished for the row by row--
these blocks look simple--but there is alot of detail stitching on them--

And remember the little pile of 4 patches that I did with the mini charm packs--
that I also had used as leaders and enders??
well--they are now all sewed together into a top--
now to decide how I want to finish this one?????

Soooo--I have been busy--
I even got  a whole book read and half of another one this week--
now that is really good for me!!!

I am on 'duty' this week as the Night Angel--so that does take some time up for me--
but--luckily--it is  only one week, a month--and guess who gets Easter week end to work???

Me--that's who (wait a minute--didn't I do Christmas??!!!)

Ohhhhh--would I love some pizza tonight!!!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017


I was kinda of surprised--
for some reason--
that everyone--voted to keep the 'paws' --
on the cat blocks--
I studied the pattern closer--
and carefully cut out more paw shapes--
and set about redoing the paws--
and then I even did the black toe stitching--
I did repick out new fabricS for the this cat's paws--
this cat--
and did do red ones on the new red cat--
and with doing the black toe stitching--
I am happier now--
(I was going to wait until all  12 blocks were done and then do all the toe stitching at once--
but have decided that if I do it one cat at a time--then that is just one more step that is done--)

Friday, March 17, 2017


We had our corn beef dinner at the daughter's house last night--
she is a really good cook--

That is if you drink 'green beer' here is a pretty cat to help you--
I think a green milk shake at one of the fast food places would taste gooddd--
though I have never had one--
maybe today--will be different--
time will tell---????????????


Thursday, March 16, 2017


Well--at least the rest of the blocks --
from the Patchwork series--
Got the 5" blocks done for pattern #3
and I did manage to figure how to make the 10" block for this set too--
So now this bom is all caught up--yea---
but there is more to this story--
Yesterday when I had all the blocks out--
I kept hearing a 'racket' coming from the first '2' 10" blocks I had made--
finally the 'noise' go so bad this morning that I had to investigate--
and discovered it was this block making all the noise--
Ok--little bunnies what is the problem here??
so they showed me that too many of them were upside down and they were getting faint--
so I took a closer look at the block and had to agree with them--
out came the seam ripper and I went to work--
and now look--
all my bunnies are heads up --and are now quiet as they are happy little bunnies--
silly guys--


Wednesday, March 15, 2017


 the Temperature here in Florida????
our high was only about 62 degrees today--
with a cold strong wind--gonna be chilly tonight!!!!

I stayed warm with the sewing machine 'buzzin' right along today--
First I got the next block to the Christmas bom done--
I wanted to add a bit of blue in my quilt -
so decided this block was a good as any to do that with--
What --did you say???
my 'flames' are different--
you know me--gotta be different--
I sewed a yellow and orange strip together and then made an oval shape on freezer paper--
and ironed it  on the strip, then cut and appliqued them to the tops of the candles--
(and yes--I goofed with the placements of the candles--but then decided I liked how they looked this way--so left them!!!)

and I got the first 6 blocks done on the Patchwork bom--
so here is rows 1 & 2 now--and I have all the pieces cut for row 3--!!!

and now for a report on the "Pie"--

This has to have been the BEST pie I have ever eaten--
seriously--the crust was thin but flavorful--
lots of apples and just the right texture--
not too sweet--so you could actually taste the apples--
I ate half of it last night--
wonder when I will eat the rest of the pie!!??????

I did read that back in NY--my area had about 18" snow as of this morning--
and I think they were planning on more during the day--

That is alot for that area --it usually's north, south, or east of us there that gets that much!!

My feet are cold--gotta go find my socks!!!