Monday, April 13, 2009

It's a "new" week!!

A new week with new list of "To Do's"==wonder how many of us has "spring cleaning" on that list???? And how many of "us" will be wearing an apron while we are doing this???
Here's a picture of another apron that I found at the church sale a couple weeks ago--my girl-friend Ann just loves it, so tomorrow I will give it to her for her Easter gift--I will miss it myself--but I do have alot of old aprons in my collection and no place to display them--SO???
Today was Laundry day--4 big loads--them I repotted some houseplants, did alittle dusting in the corner of the dinning room--made my friend tea this morning and helped Matlock solve his murder mystery ( I do not have a TV--does not interest me--but Mary and I sure get a kick out of the ending of Matlock each day!!!!)
Well, it's time for me to read some of your blogs and then do some more sewing before bed---
Take care--see ya tomorrow---Di

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