Friday, April 9, 2010


Yesterday we needed A/C--today we need winter jackets and heat on!!!!!

This morning I worked on the Round Robin Internet challenge I am in--
so far we have done the center block--mostly was applique--then the two outer sides of the braid--which was new to me at the time and I just love doing it--it is easy and fun!!! Then we did the top and bottom rows--I got all these put together and then I realized that this quilt will be on the larger size--which is harder to hand quilt--so decided I would do the "quilt as you-go" method on this one--then we got Joy's designs for the next outer two rows the pots with vines--so after I got them done--I did take time and quilted the large piece and the two new ones and then I--
sewed them all together--so now everything is all ready hand quilted and as we get more rows I will also hand quilt them before sewing them onto this part!!!!

After lunch--Little sister and I did our walk--this time we went in the opposite direction--to the Health food store, as the case of organic applesauce I had ordered had come in--and here is some of the things we seen--
I love these flowers--we used to have them around the base of our farmhouse where I grew up---
Now talk about "yellow"!!!!!!!!!
And this pink flowered bush was right next to the yellow one---
And we found this flowering tree on the way home--it was soooo pretty!!!
And "note" today's photo on the side bar--that was today's picture too!!!

I decided when I got home to quilt on the 30's quilt top that had been in the quilt rack ( for 13 months!!!)--got 2 more blocks hand quilted--was going to baste the Sunday Best (Schnibbles) to day--but as it was soo chilly--decided to keep warm by quilting on the 3o's as it is big and fluffy and warm!!!!
I did get to go see my Mary today--for a couple minutes--took the purse shaped birdhouse down for her to see--but what she loved was the new Tagalong quilt top and pillow---and I guess by all the comments yesterday--you all loved it too---
THANK YOU FOR loving it--it sure says spring in those colors!!!!
I will ask you again though to keep praying for Mary--she was much "weaker" today from just earlier in the week----

OH---I am praying Di has a good joke for us again today!!!!

A restaurant posts a sign that says--
"$500.00 if we fail to fill your order."
A customer decides to put it to the test by ordering--"elephant ears on rye"
The waitress writes down his order and walks to the kitchen.
Seconds later, the chef storms out of the kitchen, goes to the customer's table,
And slams down five hundred dollar bills.
"you got me" he tells the customer--
"But I want you to know that this is the first time in ten years we've been out of rye bread"!!
                 (B.  Brittain)

OH--DEAR ME---IT IS ------
time for another "week end"---have some fun too!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. I absolutely love your quilt. Where did you find this Round Robin? The spring photos are just gorgous.

  2. More beautiful projects. The pictures of those trees are making me sneeze lol. Spring up north is so pretty but drives my allergies crazy.

  3. Love your buzz saw that you are quilting. I am working on one now. How did you make your borders?

  4. Lovely quilt! And the photos of the flowers are so beautiful - we are still waiting for a bit more warmth.

  5. Beautiful quilts and gorgeous flowers as well as a good joke. thank You Di. Enjoy your weekend

  6. Your quilt-as-you-go quilt is looking soooo nice! I love the embroidered vines on the side panel flowerpots.

    It is chilly, isn't it? We had a little snow yesterday evening! It's sunny today but COLD!

  7. I just love those little flower pots with the heart flowers on your round robin! Wouldn't those be cute in redwork for a little Valentine stitchery? Where did you get this pattern? I NEED it too! :)

  8. Enjoy your whole write today, chuckling.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  9. Such a lovely quilt along! I especially like the applique borders, they add so much. Your joke is a hoot!

  10. I love your round robin! It is turning out so pretty - can't wait till the next borders :) And I love the colors of your 30's quilt.. must do one of them one day!!

  11. Hey Di,

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Yes, the pollen is horrible right now but will calm down soon.

    I love those vining flower pot pieces!! Very cute :)

  12. Your posts are always so interesting and so much fun. That flowering tree is gorgeous! It should be called a wedding gown tree or something. I have periwinkle around a tree in my yard too. I love the colour. Your quilt is gorgeous. As always sending prayers for Mary.

  13. Oh, your round robin quilt is so neat. I just really like how it looks so far. Great spring photos too.
    Praying for Mary.


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