Thursday, April 8, 2010


I ended up having to go back to our "favorite" country shop today--but first we took a little detour to photo a "yard of blue"--
This is a big side yard and this time of year --for a short time it is all done up in blue--
This is the house and under this "little" tree the whole lawn is in blue--tiny blue flowers--it is just soooo pretty--
And this "little" tree goes up and up and up into the sky---I love this tree as much as I love those little blue flowers--
As I was taking these pictures we spotted a small tree across the street with neat flowers on it--
See---now here it is up close and personnel---
Oh my how pretty these blooms are--but I have no idea what they are--does anyone know what this tree is??????  I am saying maybe in the dogwood family????

Remember Ma Lamb and baby lamb---from yesterday--while somehow they got bagged up --but not rung up----they did not charge me for them--so I went back today and told them and paid for them--so now they are bought and paid for and they are much happier "campers" tonight!!!!
Ah--what's that you ask----did anything "new" come home with me---Ah--yes--I have to admit it--got another bird--a wood one and a stem of little white berries!!!!

Now I was a "good" girl and did get my work done before I went running around town--
Here is Tagalong with her new Pillow even---Opps you say--your pattern looks different--Ah--no--my pattern looks different--I love the Spring fabrics I used--but when I had them all laid out--
To me (and little sister) it looked far too busy--so I decided to do alittle remodeling and added the white sashing around each block--and then I also found the Plum solid color for the little squares in between and look what I got---
Another Schnibbles that needs quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The pillow is made from the little 1" strips we cut off the edge of some of the charm blocks--just sewed them all together and it was the perfect length for the pillow!! And I can count the pillow as my "first" string art project--yes!!!!

It is raining here tonight--and I love "listening" to it rain--do you????

Hey--Di--it is time for a "chuckle"---

*****A customer walked into our auto-parts store looking for a flat washer.
"That'll be 15 cents ." I said.
"fifteen cents for a washer?? Are you crazy???? he yelled.
"I'll drill a hole in a quarter and make my own"!!!!!!!
                           (Jack Reeves)

Have wonderful fun filled Friday everyone---
Hugs to all---Di


  1. Love the top ... & the joke. I am sure bun-bun's are much happier tonight.

    Have a great weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. The quilt top is GORGEOUS--nice job Di! Love the sashing!

    Good for you for being so honest--good karma will come back to you!

  3. I love your quilt top. The sashing really looks wonderful and the matching pillow is so cute!! You are doing so well. I haven't even started.

  4. The sashing is just perfect - really sets off each block. This is such a wonderful time of the year for a walk, and your pictures really prove it.

  5. The white sashing looks fantastic in your new quilt - makes such a big difference.

  6. Love the changes you made to your quilt. It looks totally different. Nola

  7. Oh my gosh that joke is a funny one! That bush is beautiful. If you ever find out what it is let us know. I want one of those. I like the sashing on the quilt too.

  8. Yes, the white sashing was a good idea! Lovely flowers.

  9. Love your honesty!!
    OMG...your Schnibbles is off the charts beautiful! I love the sashing. It is eye catching now! A pillow too...wonderful...just wonderful!!

  10. Your Schnibbles looks great! I love how you added the sashing. Really makes the quilt.

  11. Love LOve Love the Schnibbles!!! I'm beginning to think I have your pattern too!

  12. I love the trees. I like the house in the background too.

    The white sashing is just what your Schnibble needed. Gorgeous!

  13. I love your idea for Tagalong. I've been wondering how to give some order to it...compulsive huh? lol
    I don't know what the tree is but I want one! It looks like a daisy tree

  14. Love your beautiful quilt and I think your tree is a magnolia.

  15. Love, love the sashing in your Tagalong Schnibble quilt - perfect!

  16. Love your tagalong and pillow! And the sheep are adorable too! :-) Have a happy day!

  17. I love the flowers of spring,the sheep, yes,the lot!! Great white sashing; Happy Quilting :-)

  18. Very cute little Schnibbles! Perfect for Spring. And that pillow is just darling.

  19. Di,
    You are a real sweetheart! and honest to boot!! Good for you; and they are sooooo sweet looking. I love my visits here; missed you yesterday! vbg...That is a beautiful spring quilt and I like the sashing and the matching pillow! You've inspired me to make my grandgirls something similar. It looks easy and will make up in no time at all...well, you know what I! Take care and God bless you!

    hugz, Pam

  20. Love your blog. The tree is a white magnolia. They have the most delicious scent.

  21. I came over from Quilt Hollow to see your Schnibbles quilt. She was right -- it's gorgeous! And the pillow is too cute.

  22. Great idea with the white sashing! It compliments the spring colors perfectly.

  23. Your Talalong is absolutely beautiful! As is the pillow.
    I love the purple and sashings you added.

  24. Terrific pillow to go with your quilts. Congratulations on your String finish.

  25. The shrub is not a dogwood. I think it's a magnolia.
    And I love your pretty quilt!!


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