Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Little sister and I went over town to our favorite place to shop--today was the first day they opened since last end of last year!!!!!  This is Ann in the blue and her Mom in the tan shirt--just two great ladies--and alot of fun!!!
And this is the "bag" that I had to "carry" home---
These things just did not want to spend another night in the shop----
they heard I had a nice "home" just waiting for them to become family members of!!!
So let's see what came home--
two stems of flowers--the one stem with the pink berries also has some beads on it--cute!!!!
this little tray with a cute handle was on sale---soooooo!!!!!
A new purse----OK--a cute new birdhouse "shaped" like a purse--just love this!!!!
two birds--I had found the yellow one and asked if there was any in other colors???
Ann--the owner--(yep--another Anne)  said there was and she began to search the store for it---it took her awhile to locate the green one---but then--two things happened---I could not decide which one I liked better--and I did not have the heart to put the green one back after Anne looked for so long for it---so you can see how I finally solved the problem--it's only money after all!!!!!!!!!!!
And two precious lambs came home with me--are they not the cutest!!!

OK Di--now you have some new treasures--where are you going to put them?????
The lambs are good lambs they knew right where to go--they are very much at home here!!!!
And the birds also found a home for right now--and they found some "nature" to enjoy with there new home!!!!
We have to think on the other items yet!!!  As it was time for me to get back to work---
I was working on this project---
I was finishing up the last couple blocks on the Tagalong with little sister called to go to the country shop and this is where I was in the lay out!
But I have went "beyond" this point now--but you will have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of this story------!!!!!!

I have to say today was a beautiful day out--it was on the overcast side alittle--but the air was even warm today--and even when the temps here have been high the last week or so--we have still had a wind off the lake with alittle chill to it--but today was "perfect" so tomorrow the temps are dropping and by Friday we may some rain and snow--go figure!!!!!!

Hugs, Di


  1. A lovely Post, Di - lots of intersting snippets there!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Yes, after all, it is just money! Love your lambs, I used to raise sheep when I was a child. Pretty Johnny jump up!

  3. What great finds! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love your new purchases and I'm sure they love their new home! Your quilt turned out so nice. Also, so glad you have pansies. Our snow yesterday dwarfed all my spring flowers. Hopefully, they survived! Nola

  5. You found some lovely treasures. I love the colors of your new project. I look forward to seeing it as you work on it.

  6. I was just watching the weater...80 today, 50 tomorrow! Back to reality, I guess!

    I love the loot you got, especially the sheep...they are sooo cute. Your quilt is really turning out nicely. You do such pretty work!!

  7. Lots of nice goodies! I would have brought both birdies home too :)

    Your Schnibble is looking great. The fabrics you chose look great in this pattern.

  8. What a lovely group of treasures you found, lucky girl!

  9. What a pretty quilt top - and I love the pretty things you got at the shop, too! Very fun!

  10. Lots of gorgeous goodies! Love that kitten!


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