Tuesday, June 15, 2010



I have to share something I seen today---unfortunately I did not have my camera with me---I try sooo hard to remember to take it every where--but---
My friend Anne came today and we drove to the Mall about 20 miles from here so I could return a couple items that I had ordered on line----It was a beautiful day out--pretty sky--few white clouds here and there--
Coming home I looked up at the sky and there was a perfect white feather!!!
I mean it looked so real--it was large and you could see the vein down the middle of it and then these light wispy feathery lines and fluff coming from each side of the vein---it was truly a "picture" that yours truly missed---grrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!!!!

But kitty says he can see it in "his"  mind--so hopefully you can too!!!!

today I finally got the two rows I was working on finished for the Round robin quilt and did get them sewed on and the backs tacked in place---

So now I am ready for the next row---but I think at this point I may do something on my own--I have envisioned a row about now of something different--and I do believe it will help to tie the whole look together ---so we will see---
to be continued_____

Now for the rest of the story---
On the way home from the Mall--Anne and I stopped at the new Tops market (our local P&C is now a Tops supermarket) and they are adding and deleting items---
I got so excited at one end cap---
First of all---some of you might not want to read or look at the rest of this post like my "friend" here---
But if you like "ice cream" keep reading----

This ice cream is one of my all time favorites--
and as you can see there is usually a box of it in the freezer---I like this one because it is about the only one that does not have green food coloring and I like this brand!!!
I found this one at Tops---
This has been my forever favorite----but I have always had to go to the restaurant to get it---but look what jumped into my cart as I rounded an end cap---YES!!!!!
and that is where I am headed right now--to get me a dish!!!!!!

OH Dear--Di really is having a problem--look she even took a picture of "orange" lilies---maybe we need to take her to the doctors and see if she has a temperature or something---cause something is not quite right here???????????????

Hugs, Di


  1. Your round robin is turning out wonderfully!!

  2. I have not been to a Friendly's in forever--yummy! You round robin is coming out so nice. I like the dark background. L,A-

  3. I love the quilt you're working on. Enjoy your ice cream!

  4. Love the RR!! Yum Ice Cream. I do not think I have even had Friendly's Ice Cream. That flavor looks REAL interesting!!;-)


  5. Your Round Robin is looking wonderful. I think a row to tie it all together will be great. It can give the eye a spot to rest before seeing all the other goodness.

    Orange lilies? Gorgeous!! I think they are called tiger lilies and I love the vibrant color.

  6. Love your kitten pics!! Your round robin quilt is so pretty.

  7. Love your quilt - it's gorgeous! And, I'm picturing the feather (smile)! I have to go - get some ice cream (smile)!


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