Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Now where has that kitty went?????
Humm--she must be here some where's????
then again--maybe she has walked off someplace!!!!
Well--maybe we will see her later--
In the mean time---
Her mom has actually gotten alittle stitching done--
I got two turkey's baked---now they need to fly off to some friends!!!!

One Christmas stitchery is done--found this one in one of the AU magazines that Alice sent me---
I have wondered for a long time--
what kind of Decor I am--and last night when I was finishing this one--
I decided that I am---a Primitive with color--kind of person and that is my decor too!!!!
the original pattern they had used just black thread on the 3 spools--I just had to add some color--so there you have it!!!!

Remember this block ---

and the pine cone I appliqued on it???
Well did another pinecone and then did some pine branches--the more I worked on this block--the more I did not like the pine cones--so when Anne was here today--she agreed that she did not like them either--so here is how I changed them--

I do think they look better--but now I don't like the pine branches--think they look like "hands"---so now what to do??????  Do you think once I quilt it it will look better????
This block with the cardinals is my favorite--but it is really driving me "nuts"!!!--Ok--so I was "nuts" before I did this block--so the question then of the day is--can one who is "nuts" get "nuttier" as time goes by??????

My Thanksgiving decorations!!!
Let's see we have only 8 (ouch) days to Thanksgiving!!!!

Then the panic and fun all start!!!
Hugs, Di
and some "Meow's" form Gracie!!!!!
Hey MOM where did that ball go??????


  1. I love that cat stitchery! What magazine did you find the pattern in? I must have it.

  2. I absolutely adore the cat stitchery! Like, Sunny, above I need that pattern. How do I get it?
    I think adding color to the thread really made a difference. You do beautiful handwork. Your Thanksgiving decorations look so fun and cheery. Can't believe how fast
    Thanksgiving is coming up on us.

  3. You are so quick!! I want to do that one too. I must find the other ones in that series for you. It may take awhile, but I will get them to you.
    I do like the update on the pinecones. Very pretty!!
    Give that pretty girl a scratch behind the ear for me.

  4. Yes I agree with Sunny and Love the Christmas Cat Stitchery too.
    Looks like Gracie is having a lot of fun.

  5. Looks like Gracie has well and truly settled in :) I'm so happy for you.. and I love the stitheries :)

  6. Cute stitchery! You work fast.
    I think your redbird block looks great!
    Pine needles are long and skinny.
    Gracie seems to have so much fun with her cute toys.
    Glad she is feeling better.

  7. I just love your cardinals!


  8. "Abbie" wants to know where "Miss Garcie's" ball went too!

    Cute post.

    Carolyn and Abbie ^..^

  9. Gracie you are just so adorable!
    Love the kitty stitchery Di.
    xx, shell

  10. Maybe I should have read this post first. Then I would have know you saw hands too lol.

    Looks like you and Gracie have settle din nicely together. That's wonderful!


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