Tuesday, December 3, 2013


for this Thursday, Dec. 5--
It's officially 'Santa's list day"
and he adds up --
who has been naughty or nice!!!!

we also need to some inventory--
and think about the people in our lives--
and who might be on our 'nice' list--
There is alot of folks out there in the world--
some are nice folks and then there is some real mean ones out there!!!!

and Research has shown us that who we have on our list of 'friends' is important to our health
and well being!!!
we need friends who are warm, loving, helpful and playful --
and that makes us laugh and feel good about ourselves!!!!

and these friends can be from--
all around the world--
and 'us' bloggers have a big advantage in that area of friendships!!!

hugs, di and miss gracie--
ps--Santa's helper really scored big today at the store for a gift for miss gracie---


  1. You are so right, Di. Friends are very important in our lives and I have found so many in the blogging world. I feel very happy and honored to have met so many nice people. I count you as one of my very dearest friends. Big hug, Di!

  2. I am so honored that I got to meet a couple of my blogging friends this year! If you see Santa, tell him I've been a good little girl. Oh, and I couldn't find any clementines at WalMart today.


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