Saturday, February 1, 2014


Which would normally mean that  we would be working with red, pink, white fabrics--
and you can--
but I have 2 challenges for you this month--
pick one or both???

First one--
Get out those 'greens' quilters--
and make something in mainly green for a--
family member
blogger friend that maybe you don't keep up with as much as you should--
   so this would be good time to send her a little something to say--
       I am thinking of you!!!
you can make a mug rug, table runner, wall hanging, tote bag, pincushion, apron--
list goes on--you can add a bit of color--just so that I mainly see 'green"--
and for the second part--
lets get these out--

You know--all those patterns you have collected to make things other than a quilt top--
I know I have lots of purse, wallet, apron, tote bags, and even dolls I want to make--
but it seems that I have a hard time turning off the --
I have to finish this quilt top first--but before you finish "that" quilt top--
you have 2 more tops started and it is an endless quilt top marathon!!!!!
So this is the month--
you can pick one pattern and make one item--
or you can decide to just use the month of Feb to do these fun 'extra' projects--
and just think -- alot of these fun projects can go in your gift box for birthday and Christmas gifts!!!!

I am going to use my other blog site --Workbasket one at the top on the left for each months
rules and who did the months projects--so you can always go there to see what the updates are--

Let the fun begin and let's have some fun!!!
tomorrow or Monday I will post my personal challenges for this month!!

hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I have pulled out that pattern pile and it is scary! Now to weed it down to one for now. That is probably why I never get started on them, I just can't make up my mind!!

  2. ooh, ooh! I know just what I'm going to make!!!!! I need to go pull out some fabric. Thanks for the push.

  3. Good Luck in your challenge 2014!
    Nice to check your blog from time to time:-) Thanks a lot Di for your comment on my blog.

  4. hummmm...need to decide on one......


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