Sunday, March 9, 2014


What have I been doing--
That is a very good question--really!!!
Ahh--you say--reading???
              well--yes, some--about being diabetic and about Wheat allergies--
But something else has been going on--
I have been sorting and making decisions on what quilt books and patterns to keep--
               along with some of my other hand work projects, like the counted cross stitching!!!!
I am really on a 'tear' this time--
               I just have to get rid of some of this sewing, quilting, cross stitch, ect stash--
and then find a place to donate it all to!!

Now for some good health news--
I have lost 3 lbs--now that may not seem like alot--
but for me that is a huge success,
              as I did not increase my excising to do it--
still too cold here--so I need a big star for that!!!
         I do feel worlds better not eating wheat or wheat products--
and I am not even totally wheat free yet-
they are so good at sneaking sugar
           and wheat into our foods--but I am going to out smart them!!! 

And my game plan is to get my 'spring' cleaning and sorting done this month--
before it gets really nice outside and I can go for walks and to knitting club--
The only sewing I have done so far this month is that I am still working on the counted cross project--
so I do have a needle going in and out of fabric!!!!

Have a great week--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. You are an inspiration! Great job on the eating changes and weight loss. And on the cleaning. Our quilt guild has a show coming up next month, and I want to donate some unwanted fat quarters, an extra ruler, etc. for their raffle baskets. It will benefit the guild, and Me!

  2. Way to go!! Three pounds is good and learning to eat right! I seem to have lost what tiny bit of willpower I ever had as I seem to gain instead of lose! Eating all kinds of mess instead of good for me stuff! good for you on the clean out too. I hope to do a bit when our weather is warmer to have yard sale.

  3. Great job! 3 pounds is great. Maybe if I get started on the downsizing around here, I might forget to snack and I would start downsizing too. Don't forget that fun stuff burns calories too.

  4. Good for you! I wish I was as good, every time I lose a bit I seem to turn round and gain it again! Oh well, spring is coming and I will be able to go out walking again, too :)


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