Monday, August 18, 2014


I picked up the quilt that I am hand quilting this morning-
to work on it a bit before starting the housework--
and made a 'dashily' discovery--
Can you find it??

I thought this was a panel and used it as such--
but if you know your ABC's--and read them--
you will discover that this panel is off a row--
the 'D' is at the end of row two--next to the letter 'H'--
and not on the first row--
the last row of this panel is off by one 'box' for the whole row--
and this was my house quilt--
I have already done some hand quilting on the panel with the lettters--
but have no 'heart' left to finish this one--
looks like Anne will get to finish this one for her hospice collection, to donate--

Why would a designer  do this????

hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. That is wierd - what a shame! (I hope you think you can find another project to work on instead...hehe...)

  2. How very strange! Just finish it quickly and donate. Someone will appreciate a warm cuddly quilt.

  3. OK very weird. I still love your houses though!


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