Sunday, September 21, 2014


This is week #4 for me--
and it was a tough one--
in some ways--
as some pictures could be used in more that one subject--
and I wanted to reuse some I used last week!!!!!
But here goes--

1. Window--
you just don't see Texaco signs in windows anymore!!!
this building is here on our main street and I took this one on the Photo Class walk last Saturday!
this is the main house where the pumps where out front and the photo is from the garage, that is to the left of he house

2. Picture in a picture--
this is on the wall between the kitchen and dinning areas--
and, yes--it usually has clutter on it!!!

these are the train tracks that I cross every time I want to go to the end of  the lake to take photos--
and as I crossed them and looked down them I realized that they curved--
the building is the old railroad station and is now a restaurant--
and yes trains still travel this track a couple times a day!!!

4. Pattern--
look at the pattern and detail in this flower--
this was in a garden just down the street from me!!

and the last one is the 'best'!!!
5. Square--
a square of my 'favorite' dark chocolate--
and I think it is nearly time to indulge in a bite or two!!!

My 3 week photography class has ended--
and I did learn alot--but still??????
and now the question is 'what to do with some of the great photos I have taken'?????
Happy Sunday--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Well done! The flower is very cool!

  2. I do like your pattern shot very much. As for what to do for the photos-save them for more hunts! Print some of them out and hang them on your walls.

  3. Nice choices for the prompts. That was a very interesting looking house. Loved your Curve Shot and also the gorgeous flower you used for pattern. I think I'll have a square of your chocolate too.

  4. Great interpretations! As for your photos, you can use more on your blog, or set up a new Blog or Page just for photos. I know there are several bloggers who are doing a 365 challenge - one photo per day for a year. Have fun, and don't forget what you learned.

  5. I love all these photos. the pattern in that flower is nice. The square shot is my favorite indulgence! I gradually got used to it and was working on the 86%, then the stores around here quite carrying it.

  6. These are excellent! I would love to take a class. As for what to do with the photos? Preserve and share them on the blog of course.


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