Thursday, April 30, 2015


yesterday a girl friend took me to a camera repair shop about 40 miles from here--
cause this is what my big camera was doing--
do you see that  darker half moon shape in the sky on the right side of the photo??
it shows up on all my sky or wide focus shots--
and they said it was just on the 'sensor' and they would clean it--
so my girl friend and I went shopping for a couple hours and went back and picked the camera up--
to the cost of $60.00--
and came home--
went outside to test it and now this is what I have--
I now have 2--"worms" on my photos--and now I can't even crop the photo as the new one
is right in the center of the photo---
and 'he' is trying to tell me that it may be inside the camera and that would cost me over $250 to fix--
well if it is inside further then why do I now have a second spot after he worked on it?????
I really wanted to take my big camera and equipment to Fl with me--
my girl friend is taking me all the way back down there tomorrow afternoon--
I just pray this guy can fix it correctly this time----

I think  that finally spring is here-
cause look at what I seen overtown this morning???


  1. Well that just stinks! You tell him he better get it fixed. I want to see more pretty pictures. And soon.

  2. Hope you get it fixed this time.Hugs.....


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