Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Well---I am in the new apartment and busy unpacking and trying to figure out what else I need--
so today I will show you the empty apt--
This is the wing that I live on--am on the 3rd floor--behind that tree!!
this little area is just inside the front door--need something to go here yet
then you can walk on into the living room--
the windows are 8 ft long!!
in the left corner off the living room is the kitchen--
as you come in the main door and go to the right there is a large closet and then the door to the bathroom--
and right across from the closet is the bedroom with another 8 ft window--
this is looking out the living room window--see the black bug???
that is a love bug and on Friday when I moved in they were everywhere--
but are gone now
I will show pictures of more outdoor looks and my new furniture next time--

I did get my first package in the mail on Monday from our blog friend Sunny--
I received my first Flamingo --
it is a she--and she needs a name???
and I am happy to report that she doesn't like chocolate--
so I get to eat it alllll!!!!
Thanks Sunny for the gifts--

Smiles, Di


  1. Yay!!! I loooooooooooooove all the bright light from the windows. It's so cheerful to have sunlight coming in. I can't wait to see how you decorate this wonderful new home. Send me your address!

  2. I love your new apartment, Di. It looks so big in the pictures. I really love the windows--lots of light and sunshine. i know you will be so happy when you have everything in it's place. Please send me your address,too. (Be careful with all the unpacking and moving things. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself)

  3. So cool to see the blank canvas, as it will be such a contrast when you are finished. You will make it colorful, warm and inviting! I know because your other place was. Have fun and don't work to hard.

  4. Nice place - lovely to have all that light and airy feeling from the big windows. Not sure what name suits a flamingo - Pink? Enjoy getting your new home shipshape.


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