Saturday, September 19, 2015


in the apartment--
no clouds--just sunshine--
I did go for a short walk mid morning--
this is our deck across the road from the complex--
I was alone down there and there was a nice breeze off the river--
I have to get in the habit of taking a pair of sunglasses with me when I leave the apt--
cause as I said--you could really wear them even inside--today!!!
this is looking to the south--
I did see several fish jump out of the water--
but they are too quick to get photos of them!!
we have lots of bushes all around here with these purple flowers blooming on them--
and found these neat mushrooms growing along the outdoor sitting area by the duck pond--

Have a great Saturday and be sure to enjoy a bit of nature today in your journey-
Smiles, di
Now I think this is one very spoiled cat!!!
Missing you miss gracie!!


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to live!

  2. I have fallen in love with your beautiful place. Maybe I should move farther South? LOL

  3. I remember it being very pretty in your new town, even in January! I know you're happy to be by water again, and you'll find tons of flowers to photograph. Keep us in the loop as you continue to learn your way around.

  4. I am enjoying learning about your new surrounds near your home....


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