Sunday, April 3, 2016


wanted to go to the Zoo-
for me--the giraffe askes???
well--let me go get the others--
Last May when I went there was just 2 giraffe's--
this year more where out and about--
along with a baby--
can you see the baby under the larger one??
here is the baby--he was sooo cute--
they had 2 babies born since the first of the year--
this one is the first one--
they just let the newest one out this week end!!
we also were there for feeding time-you could buy some sw potatoes to feed to them--
only this large one came to eat--
Did you know that giraffe don't like to be touched--not even by another giraffe--
and they have large black tongues!!
and we lucked out with these small animals as it was feeding time for them too--

and see the one standing up on the log??
he decided the group needed a look out!!
and large apes--
and they have a train that runs through some of the larger animal areas--
not ridden it yet--but one of these day--
and here  is a couple kids waiting for the train ride!!
Happy day to all--
love and laughter, di


  1. I love giraffes! So glad you got to seem them and share some pics.

  2. Love the colours of the giraffes. There tongues are 14" long, it was on the tit bits on our Calender...
    Meerkats are just gorgeous.
    Thanks for the pics of your lovely day.


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