Tuesday, December 12, 2017


a lot of my Christmas things before moving down here to Fl--
a bit over 2 years ago--
but I still --have decided that I have too much--
for this size apt--the apt in NY was 300sq ft larger than this one--
and I had all kinds of furniture and wood cabins to decorate--
here I don't-- so it has been a challenge this year in the decorating department--
but here is what I did this year--
my beloved Christmas quilt did get hung up in the foyer--
and this little tree has angels on it--
I have had these crocheted angels for many years--
this tree is an after Christmas tree that I got last year--
it has red berries and little pinecones on it--
it holds some of my older small ornaments on it--
I did this counted cross stitch on the wall in the last couple years--think  I started it in NY and finished it down here--
and that is a paper angel that I made many years ago at a craft convention --
can't believe how well it has held up--lets see she is over 30 yrs old--ouch!!!
and we remember this tree--
I pinned my collection of knitted mittens to it this year--
(I did have them on one of the small trees--but changed my mine!!)
this is the corner of the living room that I see the most of when in my rocker--
reading or stitching--
The mouse that I had in the bedroom ran out here earlier today and asked if
he could be in the Christmas display--so I said yes and he even got a Santa hat--
I did discover that I have several small wall hanging for Christmas--
and no place to really hang them--I do try to rotate some during the holiday--
so did bring them out and displayed them on this chair so I would remember--
the little tree in the corner has some small old old ornaments on it to--
like some are 50 yrs old--big ouch!!!
and this cross stitch I did back in 2005--oh my!!
a angel and an bird ornament decided to sit on the stool behind my sewing machine--
for me to enjoy when I can get back to sewing!!!
and on the wall by the tree is this little shelf--
With my red truck collection--
and we have some presents under the tree already--santa's elves sent some by mail--
and so they are to there to tease me until Christmas morning--
and now here is the main item--
in all it's glory--
I am basically done-
oh dear--I do have to still do the gingerbread stuff in the kitchen--
but for out here--we are done--right, di?????

And a bit of a sad note--
Remember how much I loved my Country shop in  Watkins Glen, NY and all the things I bought there-- and then they opened up the nice  Cafe next door--welll--they are closing both at the beginning of the year--like in going out of business closed!!!   there is not going to be any little business's left at this rate in downtown Watkins!!!



  1. LOL! I guess you weren't there to support the businesses any more. You must have spent a LOT of money there when you still lived in WG. It is sad though. Your tree is gorgeous! I don't do much decorating any more but the trees are up and the quilts are out. All the important stuff. Must bake cookies tomorrow for a little exchange.

  2. Lol down sized......lol you may of had lots....... Anyway it all looks wonderful welldone......

  3. LOL I think we all have lots but they do bring back sew many memories as we put them all out at Christmas ๐ŸŽ„
    Your home looks lovely.
    Lots of small businesses are closing down sadly. Guess we buy too much online.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Your decorating looks lovely. I have loads of stuff that I don't have room for now, but I can't mop them out.:)
    Shame about that shop, same thing happening here - several wool and fabric shops are struggling against the online competition.

  5. All your decorations look gorgeous. Gotta LuV this time of year!
    Merry Christmas xox

  6. I love seeing how you decorate your apartment each holiday. You do have a generous amount of decorations. I think I need to make a tree wall hanging that I can swap out ornaments each Christmas.

  7. You've got some very cute holiday decorations. Enjoy the holiday decor. It always seems to me the decorations come down way to quickly.


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