Sunday, December 10, 2017


has been done--
the second thing that I do as a tradition is to put any new
ornaments  on the tree for that year first--
and when I went to do this years--
I was surprised by how many I gotten this year!!
First count was '7'--
way more than I usually purchase--
and then I found one that I got as a kit gift last year and did make up right after Christmas--
remember the kitty one???
and here is closer photos of the new ones--
this one is a cute one--and have decided that it is a bit heavy so probably will not stay on the tree--
you know how I love mice at Christmas time--love this new guy!!
an owl and a truck--have also moved the truck one off the tree and it is hanging over the chair right now--we will see where is stays later??
Oh dear--I miss counted--think this bird makes it '9'  new ones with the cat--
what can I say--it's like counting calories--right???

And one stand next to the tv/computer area is done--
This little tree has a string of the new battery star lights on it--cute--
and then I put those new tin ornaments on it--opps---
theres another new ornament thingy--lets see there is 5 designs of 4 of each design--
that is 20 more ornaments!!!

and in front of them is 3 cards that I have gotten past years--
this one folds flat--but when you set it up it looks like a snowglobe--
sooo cute--
and again this one folds flat--but when you open it up--
it has a 3-D look to it--again really cute--think both of these came from Alice--
and --
this is a 3-D card-and it has all my critters on it--
this one came from lil sister a couple years ago--
also on this table is last years counted cross stitching for the month of December--

I did try to work on a couple more of the small trees--
they just were being difficult for some reason--!!!!!



  1. Cute ornaments. I have 3 new ones this year, a red heart I bought at the christmas market in Budapest, a fabric heart a lady at the market gave me for donating to a dog shelter - and a pretty fabric pieeced star that came in the post today From YOU! Thank you so much - I love it :)

  2. Oh wow, what a gorgeous collection of ornaments- you're looking very Chritmassy at your place!

  3. Wow - you've obviously been in the Christmas spirit all year! That's a lot of new ornaments, but I can see why you couldn't resist any of them... My tree now has a bunch of presents under it! Thanks so much


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