Monday, January 22, 2018


I am working on doing some more small civil war quilts--
so worked on building a bit of a stash--
and am following this gal--
Kathleen Tracy again--
Remember I did the flower block a couple weeks ago in applique as part
of her new mystery quilt--
and then she is also picking out one quilt from this book each month for us to make--
this months is this one--
with the thinking that we could do it in pink/reds for Valentine day--
but I have decided to do mine with whatever the 'color' is for the month--
so  here is my top--
all done up in blues!!!
this will be about 15 1/2" square when done--
this is ready for batting and backing and basting--
maybe tomorrow!!!????

And I finally --after nearly 3 weeks--

had to turn the air conditioning on today--
as this was just not enough --
Wonder how long this nice 'heat' wave is to last????

Seen this photo on my knitting site--
someone needs to get this poor 'box' kitty a bigger box!!!


  1. i keep thinking about getting that book, but so far I have refrained. So far. I really love the small quilt that I"m seeing everywhere online, and yours in blue is quite beautiful! I don't need any new projects. I don't need any new projects. I don't . . . . . .

  2. Pretty in blue. I don't think I have that particular Kathleen T. Book. I will have to check to be sure.
    Got your message today and will answer tomorrow.

  3. I like the designs every one is working on with their Civil War fabrics but the colors just aren't for me. I like your block in blues. I like how it is like night and day with the darks and lights. Have fun!

  4. I like your block in blue. It would look nice in Valentine's colors too. What's one more project? You can whip it out in no time!


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