Sunday, January 21, 2018


Quite relaxing time--
Not today for me--
I was kinda stressed--
as I did not get any counted cross stitching done this week--
so today I wanted to at least get the house in--
which after some froggin along the way--
I did get it done--
so I do have some progress for --
And Kathy also gave us a challenge this week-
in the photography area--
what kinds of hoops or frames do we use for our stitching--
I tried all kinds of single hoops--plastic, wood, round, oval--
and I tried--
this style years ago--
then I spent good money and bought this one--
and yes it does have a quilt  on it--
it did not stay on it long--
nor did I quilt this one on it--
or any on it--though I tried and tried--

When Sue first opened her quilt shop--
one similar to this one was a big seller--
so I bought one--
my cats loved it--as soon as I got it on my lap--they crawled under it and took a nap on the base--
Ahhh--you can't quilt then--
and it just didn't work for me either--

so this is my hoop--
My hands--
I just need to gap it and hold on to it and away my needle flies!!!
and this is my story--soooo!!!!!
and now for this weeks report on time--

                                      Days stitched this week---7 days
                                     Days stitched this month--20 days
                                   Total Days stitched this year--20 days
                                  Total hours stitched this week--6.5 hours
                                 Total hours stitched this year--15.75 hours--
And remember this is just for Hand Quilting totals--

So now I think all this work and reporting means--
it is time for--
some nice sweet dark chocolate--

I hope everyone had a great week--
and you all will have an even better one this coming week--
Just remember--
"there is always Chocolate"!!!


Maria said...

Well done Di. You've had a busy week hand stitching. Go girl.

Deb A said...

Good job finding the solution that works for you! Enjoy the stitching. I am a rebel and don't use a thimble =).

Jennie in GA said...

What a sweet little cross stitch! Do you use a hoop for it?

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I prefer to quilt in hand too. I do like those colorful plastic hoops for embroidery work. I've always thought I wanted a floor frame for quilting but I've come to realize it probably wouldn't get used. It does take up a lot of real estate in the craft room and I'm pretty sure my cats would want to sleep on whatever quilt is on the frame. I have a wooden lap stand that I like to use for some cross stitch projects. Too many tools.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Last year I handquilted a quilt (which I don't do very often!) and your method of holding it in your hand worked for me, too! I saw Jen Kingwell on a youTube video quilting that way so decided to try it.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

I started hand quilting a wallhanging.. and it became a ufo.. don't know why, probably moving house too many times... Love that quilt you have in the big frame! xx

Kate said...

Very fun "hoop" tale! You've definitely been getting in the stitching time this month. Happy stitching this week!