Saturday, January 20, 2018


I did get some 'Blue' sewing done this week--
My first projects for scraps this year is do some simple-
for 4 1/2" squares--
I got 8 done so far--

and then I took these leftover's from another project--
and cut them in half--
then sewed them together--
and then added a border to it--
the border piece was a scrap strip,too--
and today I finished it off--
into a little mat, or doll quilt-or???
and I forgot to take a photo--but the back is blue print too--

and then I remembered I had some small blocks that were in blues--
and I needed to finish them--
so these are now going to be pin cushions--
I just haven't stuffed them yet--
I need some fine walnut pieces first--
these will be gifts--so I now have a start on next years gifts for some give aways
during the year!!!
The embroidery letters are from 2 years ago
 and the patchwork blocks are from a project last year!!
So some ufo's and orphan blocks-- have gotten marked off my list too!!!!

How are your Blues coming along????


  1. Looks like you made great progress on blues!

  2. I really like your 9 patches and the mini you made, too! Lots of pretty blue scraps!

  3. What a great bunch of scrappy BLUE projects!!!

  4. You went blue crazy!!! Well done! Might have to work on some 9-patches. No!!! Well, not right now!


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